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  1. You have to point to the system and emulator to use for that game title in the "alternative emulators" tab as they all use different emus if not default, which on my system is MAME.
  2. YES! My hypersync cloud which was beta certainly was an old verison even though it said I had the latest version. :') Logged in perfectly with this new version! Thanks!
  3. cool! Thanx for the quick and informative answer! I'll give it a shot tomorow!
  4. I have the same problem, can log in to Emu though. Tried just for the sake of it to change to different passwords three times(!) No luck with the credential error. Help me mister Pig
  5. cool! So if I want to use the HLSL from griffin for vertical.ini, what do I have to change compared to the horizontal.ini? is it the mask only? (or maybe go for HLSL in the horizontal and GLSL lottes vertical) this is so hard thanks for the super quick reply piggy!
  6. Thanks for your super HLSL ini griffin. Is this for horizontal or what about vertical? Anyone using both HLSL and GLSL for horizontal/vertical games? Also, if I just have mame.ini (as of now) all games will use this as ini? Or.... Cheers from the filter-noob
  7. simply a work of art and a total eyegasm! - Please God. Give me another room to fit a racing cab, and the skill of hundred carpenters. Amen!
  8. Hi! Have I missed something or why is not my new mp4 vids working with HS? Got version 1.2 exe and replaced to old one directly from 1.0. Help anyone?
  9. Thanks for the update! 36v really does it! Any news on your guns Jumpstyle?
  10. great video! The difference is great between the 20 vs 24 compared. Love to see some 36v action!
  11. Sounds like the solenoid isn't bulled all the way (or is it something with my speakers? ) Thanks for the video and pictures! Still waiting for my solenoid kit to arrive.
  12. glad to hear that you got it working. Looking forward to see your videos/pics What do you guys think about this: Would it be possibe to put the Solenoid kit + AimTrak Light Gun OEM in a NAMCO gun, and solder the NAMCO solenoid to the PCB instead? I don't see why it would not work as they both runs on the same voltage, or have I missed something? Would be awesome (, and pricey)
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