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EmuMovies Visual Pinball Video Snaps [HyperPin/Full Screen][1080p]


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This is a completely new set of videos for use with the HyperPin Front-End. I wasn't completely happy with the test set of 147 videos that we put out in 2011 so I was able to find a better capture method with higher quality and frame-rates. Also I have been able to tweak the encoding process to make the file sizes almost half of what they were last year. For example the 2011 test of 147 videos was over 2GB in size, this new set of 425 videos is 3GB in size while actually improving quality. These are in no way re-encodes of existing videos and are exclusive to EmuMovies. This set is fully current as of the release date but if you notice some tables missing or have any requests please let us know in the support topic. I have also attached a full file listing to this post.


Set Details

Videos [1080p]

  • Completely New Video Set
  • 1920x1080 Video Resolution
  • F4V x264 encoding
  • 425 New Videos Added
  • Incredibly Small File Sizes (Avg Size About 6MB)

The Videos are available via the EmuMovies Download Section, FTP File Server and Download Service.

File list - EmuMovies Visual Pinball Video Snaps [HyperPin_Full Screen][1080p][20121209].zip

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Circo - Couple new table releases that we need vids of.

Godzilla (SEGA) (1998) (Rosve) (1.0) (FS)

Gyruss (Original) (2012) (Rosve) (1.0) (FS)

Sharpshooter (Game Plan) (1979) (Bodydump) (1.0) (FS)

These can be downloaded from VPUniverse.com.

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