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LAH donor cab budget build 17/27/DMD


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I started with a fairly nice LAH cab, complete with most trimmings. I also have a Jurassic Park gun assembly, painted grey, with a yellow "smart missile" button. It is great for virtual pinball, as i now have lightable button, and a trigger. It is also very very sturdy.

I kept the front of the cab completely original, needed extra buttons (like E) are placed on the bottom of the cab. Looks nice, and works great. The magnasave buttons are positioned directly below the flipper buttons, because of the button guard. This works OK, but is not ideal for smaller hands.


PhenomII 255@ 4 cores, 3.5 ghz

Nvidia GT460 1gb



ledwiz for rom controlled RGB flashers (3x), strobe flashers, and rom controlled (lighted) start and launch ball buttons.

Two separate sound systems, which is an awesome addition as it adds realism at little extra cost: cabinet sounds (like ball rolling, clicks and clangs) come from the inside of the cabinet, while the ROM sounds come from the speakers in the backbox.

logitech 2.1 sound system for pinmame sounds

cheap 2.1 sound system for cabinet sounds


backbox:new 27" Iyama Prolite IPS

playfield: new Haier LET39Z18HF 39"

score display: new Pinled 128x32 led Orange



i was not happy with the backbox, so i decided to make it 12 cm lower: this looks much better:










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Just bought a Haier LET39Z18HF 39", this tv is 519 mm high, and just about fits without issue. You can buy it (sometimes) at the german Mediamarkt for about 375-400 euro, sometimes less.

Only problem is that it goes to standy mode, after power on. I will probably try a IR blaster solution/eventghost with a MCE remote receiver i have, anyone any suggestions or hints tips?


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The 27" monitor looks a bit small for the HUGE backbox. Any ideas what i can do to improve the appearance (make it seem more proportional)? Maybe chop the backbox by 20 cm?

also: i cannot seem to edit the thread title?

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I am still looking for good ideas to improve the looks (proportionality) of my backbox. I may try making a bigger speaker panel (which i have seen on a lot of builds), but i really like my original, completely undamaged speakerpanel......

has anyone 'chopped' their bb?

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why not simply build a new backbox to the size you need or a std williams size rather than trying to cut up the on the you have.

if you don't want to build one, I have them flat packed on my site.

Is a williams backbox smaller than their data east counterparts (which is what i have)? I thought they were about the same?

Anyway, building one myself might be the best solution. Having one made for me sounds tempting, but i am afraid the cost of shipping simple pieces of wood across the ocean would be huge.

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I decided to chop the backbox by 12 cm, and it looks much, much better. I could have taken more off, but i wanted it to still look like a pinball machine. Also, i may one day have the money for a 30 inch 16:10 monitor.....they are sooooo expensive...




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