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Vewlix Slim


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Hmmm, I searched the forum and couldn't find the thread which I thought I'd made some time ago ... I was certain I'd made one ... nevermind.


So, I originally built this cab in 2009 and it's undergone a few updates since it was originally built. I'm now in the process of updating it with a Mortal Kombat X theme.


A few pics of the cab:








I need to build an 8 button CP so have bought a MadCatz fight pad to hack:




I've also re-done the artwork in glossy paper - the original was in matte and didn't give a nice deep black - it looks slightly washed out. I'm intending to add an insert coin sticker and a coin mechanism to the CP:






To replace the dull effort currently in place (you can see the washed out black on the marquee here as well):




Artwork - currently waiting for this to come back from the printers:




Once I've done this, I'll get back on the CP-1 space sim seat now the weather is better.

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The artwork has arrived so I made the 'Insert Coin' sticker. This was cut out, covered with a matte tablet screen protector, backed with thin double  sided tape, corners rounded and stuck on to the CP:


I'll be adding a coin slot next to it.

I also cut out the new artwork for the topper - I'll need to find some thick card to use as backing as it's not laying completely flat:


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New marquee artwork cut and fitted:


The black and grey are much better.


Cut the acrylic with the base panel still in progress. New 8 button layout:




Made a complete shambles of the first one but that's why I ordered 2 pieces of acrylic ....

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The base for the CP has been cut apart from the joystick section. I will be attaching 1mm aluminium strip to the front and back sections to provide a little more interest and hopefully professional looking finish. This is anodised, I may polish this up:


I still need to tidy the acrylic up a little and obviously it needs dusting ...

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Completed most of the panel. I still need to hack the fight pad but it's getting there now. I will also replace the right 2 buttons with black ones - they've been re-used from an old stick and are yellower than the others:





Done for the weekend and until the new buttons arrive.

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Thanks for the feedback Agrajag and Hazzard.


The E: D build will be picked up again once I've completed this :)


I've also ordered a coin slot for the panel:




I have a new 'Tournament Edition' badge in the post as well as the new black buttons.

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I had an old copy of that other ... ahem ... front end lying around so I put together a design for it:


Opening screen:




Game selection screen:




I was aiming for something sleek and modern looking.


Boooo hisssss, sacrilege, I hear you cry.


Please don't throw me out ....

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Some bits arrived in the post.

100 Yen Coin Slot:


'Tournament Edition' badge with chrome surround:



I'll adjust the position a bit so it's slightly lower.

Also some buttons. I ordered a couple more white ones just in case I didn't like the black ones. I'm glad I did.

Black buttons:


White buttons:


I'm going to stick with the white.

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Thanks very much Chris, I am really pleased with it.


Well I'm not the world's worst solderer, but pretty close to it. Glad I got this out of the way. All tested and working. I may put this in a project box of some description.


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