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  1. iam also to on search this Future Pinball Themes,,,can anybody upload it to the SErver ?
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  3. I dont find one at this Time,,, i write with Circo he will making one,,,jaba daba duuuu.....cant wait ......
  4. Is there anybody who have a Video for the Metal Slug PC Collection,,there are all Titels in one Video Metal Slug 1 to 6 .. A good theme for that PC Collection is ready but i dont know were he get this Video for it.... THK make a good Theme for it in the Year 2010 but stil no Video ready for that Nice PC Collection, I mean a Video for the Main Menü which have all Titels from Metal Slug 1 to 6 in one Video....
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    Main Hack Wheel...

    Hi from Germany is there any Place to download this Cool Stuff to ad in our systems? I read thats finished the Projekt since Mai this Year....
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    Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    Is there also one for a 4to3 Screen?
  7. newer

    Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    A Friend say on Emumovies there is one.... Also there are 2 other Themes here... One from Shimoda is good Atari 7800 System-pucpuc(20100322).zip
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    Atari Jaguar 3D Box Set

    Very good Work very Clean Artwork Best you can get for Atari.... Many big Thanks from Germany for it....
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    [System] Atari Jaguar - Thread

    An dem bin ich auch gerade dran,,Games habe ich alle und war einfach zu finden....Emu würde ich dir VirtualJaguar empfehlen....
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    [Artwork] auf deutsch

    Auf dem Server meinten wir,,,,da legst dein eigenen Ordner an.....
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    [Artwork] auf deutsch

    Sehr schöne Arbeit, viele dank fürs teilen.....Werde es heute in mein Setup einbinden...Wäre es möglich diese Sets auch hier auf den Server hochzuladen, so wäre es für alle einfacher die ganzen Packs zu ziehen.... Anyway tolle Arbeit und dankeschön fürs teilen.....
  12. Mittlerweile laufen alle TPA Tische auch sauber in meinem Cabinet... Sau geil TPA in einem Cabinet;;;; Monster....
  13. Hat sich erledigt..alles geklärt....