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  1. @ftp -i -s:"%~f0"&GOTO:EOF open xbox xbox quote exec /usb0/games/Gamename/default.xex quit of course change your directory between usb0 and hdd1 as required and directory etc
  2. sorry I didn't see this earlier. I own 2 of these guns and have done since early 2013. They are crap. Useless for a lightgun as it does not stay calibrated and does not stay aligned with gun. It's slightly useable for first person shooters but again you constantly have to recalibrate centre of screen as it does not align at all
  3. Hi guys, I want to make a cab with illuminated joysticks and buttons, would anyone be able to recommend to me which ones I should go for and what LED Controller etc is best? I will properly have them set up via LEDBlinky
  4. If I get some time soon ill post my files and explain how I did it If you don't have a stretch monitor then my images are properly useless tho The ones made by Lord Hirayu are on the ftp already, I forget exactly where now.
  5. These aren't shitty domestic monitors, these are commercial screens specially designed for advertising etc Trust me when I say the way images look on this monitor is awesome!
  6. Its using a slightly modified version of the led blinky hack. I got around 700 created by Lord Hiryu and ive been making the rest up myself (around 100 mame,and ive completed xbox and 360, Naomi, taito type x,ps2 etc) While there are some which are stretched due to picture not looking as good with just title etc, most are not and look really good in person actually. I would prefer it to fill the screen myself as whats the point otherwise. This screen aint called a stretched monitor for no reason
  7. how do I put stuff on ftp? Oh and the monitor is called an LG M2900S
  8. just showing off marquee screen, slowly adding more and more. Trying to complete my mame set but consoles etc are done Sorry about shaky camera, I suck
  9. Sure thing. PS3 is the easiest out of them all to do really Have a read through my first post of cab as I explained a bit there
  10. Hi guys, I posted a few months ago with my first video of cabinet (http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23740-my-attempt-at-hyperspin) Im looking at making the first steps towards RL.0 so thought I would show off latest attempts on here with the end of HL2.0 I haven't really done anything to the cab itself, it needs to be finished off around the monitor still and a big mean paint job (hopefully by end of year), but I sat back down and got stuck into this for a couple weeks to get rid of silly bugs and annoying things and took time to add Marquee Images to most my games as well as background images etc (just xbox 360,xbox original, pc games, ps2, ps3, triforce etc so far, no mame yet) Last time I showed off early stages of Xbox 360 and PS3 intergration, not much has really changed there except for the added images and ironed out basically all annoying things which occurred. New System added! I wanted Virtua Cop 3 so got in touch with a fella which upgrades ram etc on the old xbox 1. Needed a way to turn it on so found a place which made special IR kits for xbox which can turn it on and off from remote codes and installed that in the system then used 2 EMS Topgun III wireless gun's for gameplay! Everything again is completely automatic, not perfect but it works everytime with no problems. The video is pretty average, screens seem too bright for iphone (should of done it during daylight) Ive got something too that I think ill add into my cab soon which could be tough to intergrate but ill give it a shot. Big Hint http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=731 Has anyone else looked at doing this sorta thing? Anyway hope you enjoy!
  11. EMS Topgun III's are wireless straight outa the box
  12. Has anyone else given this a go yet? Thought I might of seen a few awesome cabs doing this by now! Ill update this post soonish with a couple pretty cool additions to same cabinet More Systems, More Games, More Relays, Less Money in my bank!
  13. Oh I think it's from hauppauge media centre remote kit
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