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  1. Version 20140209


    Silent Hill - The Arcade - (Arcade PC)
  2. Hi Josh..... This is really disappointing to me as well... I have been following your project on Kickstarter and pledged a Alpha Vs Beta (2 Player Deluxe Kit) as soon as it came available... Cant wait to receive it! I hope this doesn't detract you from continuing with the Howlers and perhaps future innovative projects. Unfortunately this world is full of people trying to make a quick buck from someone's great idea.... Just remember to keep your head-up, support and build your brand.... People will know who the original and best supported controller comes from. As far as Im concerned I can tell you Ultimarc has lost a customer....
  3. I have pledged $95 for the early procrastinator.... how can I change to the complete 2 player Kit? ....can I pledge the difference?
  4. Ok Done..... Got my pledge....cant wait to play with this
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