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  1. LOL - Yeah, thanksI Sure is! That's "Rudy" from Killer Klowns.
  2. Thank you. Now maybe I'll start playing the damn thing if I can ever pull myself away from adding more systems. haha
  3. Thanks, bro'. I'm a graphic designer, and wanted to customize it as much as possible.
  4. Yes, sir. I got them from arcadeguns.com. They're fun
  5. Well, I've been setting up my cab for a bit now and decided to finally post a few pics.
  6. Anyone know if there's a theme for this game? Just found a copy on an old external HD and would love to add it to my wheel. haha
  7. This is great- thanks. But IDK, man. I'll never forget being a kid and not being able to figure out having to crouch against that damn wall in order to have a magical whirlwind carry you away. lol
  8. Why don't we just contribute $ towards the rental of a steel cage?
  9. I think it's best just to take the drive and use the media towards a new RL setup. I recently rebuilt my machine (with the help of rfancella showing me the ropes) because I was using my older setup from 2010 that was still on HL1. Honestly- it's not tough to learn, although it was slightly overwhelming at 1st. Ultimately, though, it's a crapload better than all of the compiling that I was initially doing because I was too stubborn to upgrade after all of these years. haha I think I'm up to 62 systems and it's only been about a month (or 2) of setting up. So, if you have the roms/iso's, graphics, correct xmls matching everything... you should be on a good start to rebuilding your system the proper way. And as others have said, if there is some media that you have that isn't on the ftp... it wouldn't hurt to contribute, become a member, and help out by sharing what you have with the community. Welcome, man. **oh, as for chipping in and getting a HD with missing artwork.... let's not contribute to d-bags like Upchuck that make $ off of other peoples hard work, and contribute to laziness. lol**
  10. Or easiest yet. Throw on Dragons Lair II and just dump a bag of quarters out the window.
  11. Some interesting stories out there. Mine's simple. I used to sing/scream for a hardcore band named "Still".
  12. stillcore

    Virtual Boy

    HAHA! This is so funny! The other night...My friend and I discovered that if we used the cardboard 3D glasses from the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' box set that it would actually produce 3D effects. A little of this mixed with some Jack Daniels made for a good "fly on the wall moment". Ron's right, too. I bought a few pairs of plastic glasses off of Ebay as well for about a dollar including shipping. Who would have ever thought the Virtua Boy would still be getting any use over 20 years later?
  13. I haven't had any issues with the site today. Was grabbing some videos before without any problems.
  14. Damn, that doesn't make me feel too comfortable about having bought it. Hopefully, I'll be one of the lucky ones. I've read a LOT of mixed reviews about people either loving them or hating them. Thanks for the feedback. I'll let you know how it goes.
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