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  1. this can now be changed in hlhq. have a look on the settings tab I believe.
  2. I would have though the image would look a bit grainy not running at the monitors standard resolution. I might give it a try myself
  3. what is the advantage of running 800 x 600?
  4. most of the setup is in hyperlaunch. which you will beable to take with you to almost any frontend.
  5. you tried the plans in this thread? http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23974-Any-intrest-in-my-cad-file-for-free-no-charge if you can't get a copy of them from there I have a them that I can link to if needed.
  6. hah of course. I was just looking at the thumb nails on my phone. i didn't notice the join line.
  7. don't trackballs include the mouse buttons on them? I have an xarcade tankstick and the mouse button wires come from the trackball. not sure if its the same on others..
  8. i think the only option at the moment would to be get them from the emumovies ftp. it would be nice to beable to select quality in hypersync though.
  9. even if u had enough buttons for the consoles past snes. good luck trying to comfortably play them u less the game itself only uses a couple buttons. 10 buttons on a gamepad is easily usable but 10 buttons on a control panel that only one hand will be using because the other hand is using the joystick isn't usable in my opinion.
  10. I read the description looks like u just remove the shaft from the xarcade joystick and that one replaces it. if u go ahead with it please post back and let use know how it worked. I would be interested also in a ball top for my xarcade.
  11. you might also want to check what's required for the new hyperlaunch as hyperpause uses windows media player..
  12. I have noticed that when syncing a couple times also
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