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  1. Drakin


  2. Sorry guys its been crazy here at the home front...I have finally gotten all the parts I needed to finish this gun mod...now hoping I can get a few hours to finish...I'll post pics and write up as soon as I can.
  3. I'm good with you posting the innards of your gun if you would like...may help me out or others that want to tackle this mod. I think I've got an idea on mounting the Aimtrak without having to take it apart..which I like so if for whatever reason it fails it would be a easy replacement by the end user. I have actually ordered the USB ends that your talking about...and thanks for the heads up on the wire getting HOT!! I would not have figured that.
  4. Gun Innards, I would like to keep the original wires that are encased.. Bad Pic...looking to see where to install Aimtrak...if I put there I'll have to "cut" to make fit....not sure if I like it. To be continued....
  5. Hello all, This will be a work in progress....I have had requests to do this mod for a member so I will document it here for you all. I'll start out with some teaser pics for now...Being that I had gotten these this week and it's mothers day this weekend I don't think I'll get time to do any modding...if I do get a chance to do some I'll be sure to post updates. Anyway here is some eye candy!!
  6. Thomas3120 did you get your stuff yet
  7. It can only get better right?...can't wait to see all the hard work...btw thanks for that!
  8. Yea the gun your thinking of was the Top Gun EMS III...Here is a review: http://www.reddit.com/r/MAME/comments/1px8rh/aimtrak_vs_ems_topgun_iii_thoughts/

    I haven't decided on a price as I've been out of the loop for awhile...I used to get $240 for a pair of basic guns with just the Aimtrak installed(No Recoil)

    Andy at Ultimark asks 29.00 for each Recoil kit so for a pair of guns that would be another $60 bucks plus shipping from him.

    So I'm having a hard time coming up with a reasonable price... $316 for a pair of guns sounds High to me....

    Let me crunch some numbers and see what I can do for you and let me know if your still interested.



  9. Drakin, quick question for you. I assumed you about guns when I just started this lil journey years ago, but I forgot now lol. Currently I'm using a 29 inch crt. I will be upgrading to a 32 inch LCD. What would you suggest for two guns? I don't want to go way to expensive... and obviously something that's specific to an LCD screen. I remember there were guns made by a company called EMS. They had recoil and what not. But I think they are out of production now. They don't even need too look just like real guns, just something too give an arcade gun game feel. I would like to havethe specific games honestly. Area 51, Alien 3 ( the gun game it's called ) andmaximum force. What do you think man....?

    I appreciate any help you can give

  10. Top center seem to be the best placement. Can you temporarily put the sensor above or below the monitor to see what works best for you?
  11. It's been awhile sense I've had a problem like this...and it was with the old Aimtrak boards.... The problem I had was that something on the board had gone corrupt. Have you tried to re-flash the firmware on the Aimtrak? I ended up returning the board to Andy and he swapped me a new one. Can you try on another computer?
  12. Have you looked into the AimTrak guns or modules....I make usb guns with the Guncon II shells with the AimTrak. I would be more than happy to help in anyway I can. I unfortunately don't have any experience with the Top Gun.
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