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  1. I have based this on NailbombRP's pack from Github and it is not named after any database or convention that I know of.
  2. This is not based on any database in particular just for the SNES in general. Only the style is PAL based, but NailbombRP has included alot of US only games in his pack.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I have converted all the awesome PAL style SNES covers that NailbombRP collected and cleaned up into a set of 3D PAL Style boxart, 808 boxes in total. All the art was collected by NailbombRP and cleaned up by him. I just put together a script to convert them all into 3D and then adjusted each and every generated picture to look it's best. Sadly as there are no spines I just went with a generic spine for the set, but it looks good enough to me as I am sick and tired of the dark US SNES art that is usually used. I also have a few supplemental packs for this that I am working on. The first pack consists of a few extra titles that was missing from NaibombRP's collection and the second pack is PAL style art for some translated Japanese titles. But that will come later... The forum topic for this pack is here.
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