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  1. Thank you. I am done. Check my sig in a few minutes.
  2. Hey, just found one more that was in another language... LMA Manager 2001 (Europe) Last one for real this time
  3. Thank you!!! I forgot you include one game... Mickey's Wild Adventure (Europe)
  4. Check out the link in my signature for other systems. The ones with (DONE) in front are completed. If you find some are missing it is because they are proto, unl, or foreign other than Europe.
  5. That makes sense why there is an extra 80px. I was going to go all of my sets with the cases but after seeing that most systems are without them, I decided to just use covers. P
  6. I guess we are talking about different sets. PSX covers are squared so they shouldn't be an extra 80px on one side. If you look at my signature you will see some links. I have PSX uploaded except for the ones that I have listed as missing.
  7. As I stated in the first post, the boxes are wrong. They have USA covers for European games. On top of that, the games that are like that were never released in the US. Several of the covers are also European when the XML states they are USA releases. I know all of this because I went through them 1 by 1. I am doing 2D
  8. Giving this a bump. Only a few covers and this is DONE!!!!
  9. I have all of the images but the ones listed in 500x500. You're asking me for the covers I am asking for.
  10. Now that the long awaited PSX database has been released, it is time to finish this system. I have collected covers for all game except the following... 1Xtreme (USA) Onside Complete Soccer (Europe) F1 Racing Championship (USA) Flying Squadron (Europe) Global Domination (Europe) King of Bowling 3 (Europe) LMA Manager 2002 (Europe) Madden NFL 2005 (USA) March Madness '98 (USA) Player Manager 2000 (Europe) Super Match Soccer (Europe) Superbike Masters (Europe) Truck Rally (Europe) Herkules (Europe) I have found some of these but they are not proper covers. For instance, USA covers for Europe games, and Europe covers for USA games. We all put in so much work to our systems that it makes it worth while to have the right covers. A lot of little things like incorrect covers can quickly turn into a major pain. Some of the other ones I have found have been horrible quality or 100x100 pixels. I am looking for 500x500. Sometimes you can get away with stretching a 400x400 one though. Once these are found PSX covers will be done and batched for the Aeon Nox XIII skin.
  11. I wouldn't have made a post if it was fixed
  12. Glad you got it working. I was having problems a while back but like you did, turning off virtual drive fixed it. There is only 1 Also, if you do any RocketLauncher updates before they fix this, your module will revert back to the previous version and you will have to edit the ini again.
  13. Just drill a finger sized hole in the top right or left corner of the drawer front. Hit it with a couple coats of flat black paint from a spray can.
  14. USB. Takes like 30 minutes for a full charge and they last hours and hours.
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