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  2. Call this Leprosorium Post: (need at least 1 view)
  3. Hi! Just got FruitMachines pack from PD. Searched HS FTP for any info on XMLs, wheels, themes and found some. The only one XML on FTP gives multiple errors related to character "&" in filename. So I renamed filenames to remove it. But however the result is really far from expected: PD pack has over 3K roms for MFME and FTP XML (old one) only 270 entries. Does anybody have anything fresh and good for MFME fruit machines? I digged RL and HS forums but FM seem to be very outsider stuff here and there...
  4. For mine it was 10's upon 10's of hours hunting down hi-rez artwork through Google and Bing. Fully agree: just max hi-res and "arcade" keywords will do the rest
  5. Hello, Craig! Really sorry but my Windows "Open file" is "Открытие" (Very stupid literal translation in fact - like not "Open" but "Discovery" or even "Insight" instead...) Could you help 1/5 part of Earth land to appreciate your hard work? Thank you much.
  6. 3-mon setup????? as in 3 monitor PINBALL CABINET running Hyprspin??????? 3mons under PinballX + NUKElauncher trying now to move forward my unversal cab project (tabletop 3 monitor for Pinball, arcade and emus). So I am back to HS to check latest updates. Thanks for links, man!
  7. more themes and wheels at least.. I have videos from NUKElauncher, but it is not enough for HS.
  8. Hi, is that normal that I get almost nothing for Pinball FX2? only about 11 files downloaded (11 themes.zip.. thats all.) Yes, platinum here and lifetime on EMU.. Nothing.. I took a look onto http://hyperbase.hyperspin-fe.com/ Oh, that really sad place. Any advise where to dig? I have almost everything for my second PinballX 3-mon setup..
  9. . Never change stuff in the module itself: it is exactly what i did... Now everything is clear for me. ok, anyway PA crashes with new set of files.. lets wait for others to test them on various systems. the previous set is working fine now.
  10. Just finmished doing what you advised here. Now trying to test. But same logic.. does it correct string in AHK to modify my tables? string 72 : myTables := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "My_Tables","Addams Family, The (Bally)|Attac TESTED: no way - PA crashes just after trying to enter to table list (crash) - at the try to click onto "my Tables" Ok, I moved back to previous files and trying to modify my personal delays in AHK . Thank you ! Working fine with value 120: needed time to understand that I must do it for both Moving Up and Down , he-he (moveDirection = "moveUp") { Loop % %moveDirection% { If moduleDebugging = true Tooltip % "Index: " . A_Index . " | Game: " . %thisTableArray%[A_Index] Send, {Up Down}{Up Up} Sleep % 120*sleepBaseTime } } Else { ; moveDown Loop % %moveDirection% { If moduleDebugging = true Tooltip % "Index: " . A_Index . " | Game: " . %thisTableArray%[A_Index] Send, {Down Down}{Down Up} Sleep % 120*sleepBaseTime
  11. Something bad happens: firstly I updated all 3 files : AHK, ISD, XML then I set all tables to false in RL menu then I updated mytables in AHK according to your list what happens now: Pinball Arcade closes suddenly after 3-4 secs - then the script is CRASHING my rocketlauncher - moving cursors, adding numbers ets - Hell... And I even cant stop it fast.. By 2? The instructions say to increase the time by .1 increments. For example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc...: it wont allow me such values like 1.2 or 1,3 -- only fullnumbers... 1 2 3 4 etc
  12. Thanks, man. 1.40.9 with 61 tables.. by the way if I make Sleep value as "2" - I surpass over "Sleep % 4800*sleepBaseTime ; waiting for table to load" - so I need push Enter to launch a table then. I'd really wish to modify SleepTimer in AHK (only concerning to table select)
  13. value of 2 is OK but very slow, cause this value affects all key operations. But I need to fix only "table choosing operation" Maybe you can advide what to push inside AHK for table selection operation only?
  14. Did already. Increasing to 99 points resulted FAR wrong tables (more tnan 1-2 far from target table) Ok, restored my AHK backup : what XXX to try first in Sleep Timer in menu?
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