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  2. . Never change stuff in the module itself: it is exactly what i did... Now everything is clear for me. ok, anyway PA crashes with new set of files.. lets wait for others to test them on various systems. the previous set is working fine now.
  3. Just finmished doing what you advised here. Now trying to test. But same logic.. does it correct string in AHK to modify my tables? string 72 : myTables := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "My_Tables","Addams Family, The (Bally)|Attac TESTED: no way - PA crashes just after trying to enter to table list (crash) - at the try to click onto "my Tables" Ok, I moved back to previous files and trying to modify my personal delays in AHK . Thank you ! Working fine with value 120: needed time to understand that I must do it for both Moving Up and Down , he-he (moveDirection = "moveUp") { Loop % %moveDirection% { If moduleDebugging = true Tooltip % "Index: " . A_Index . " | Game: " . %thisTableArray%[A_Index] Send, {Up Down}{Up Up} Sleep % 120*sleepBaseTime } } Else { ; moveDown Loop % %moveDirection% { If moduleDebugging = true Tooltip % "Index: " . A_Index . " | Game: " . %thisTableArray%[A_Index] Send, {Down Down}{Down Up} Sleep % 120*sleepBaseTime
  4. Something bad happens: firstly I updated all 3 files : AHK, ISD, XML then I set all tables to false in RL menu then I updated mytables in AHK according to your list what happens now: Pinball Arcade closes suddenly after 3-4 secs - then the script is CRASHING my rocketlauncher - moving cursors, adding numbers ets - Hell... And I even cant stop it fast.. By 2? The instructions say to increase the time by .1 increments. For example 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc...: it wont allow me such values like 1.2 or 1,3 -- only fullnumbers... 1 2 3 4 etc
  5. Thanks, man. 1.40.9 with 61 tables.. by the way if I make Sleep value as "2" - I surpass over "Sleep % 4800*sleepBaseTime ; waiting for table to load" - so I need push Enter to launch a table then. I'd really wish to modify SleepTimer in AHK (only concerning to table select)
  6. value of 2 is OK but very slow, cause this value affects all key operations. But I need to fix only "table choosing operation" Maybe you can advide what to push inside AHK for table selection operation only?
  7. Did already. Increasing to 99 points resulted FAR wrong tables (more tnan 1-2 far from target table) Ok, restored my AHK backup : what XXX to try first in Sleep Timer in menu?
  8. Windows 10 x64 Could not launch RL from HS without giving admin rights to both of them (= was unable to launch a game from HS) Both on drive F: (not system drive) : hiperspin and rocketlancher folders
  9. Another issue appeared: when I try to launch tables from within RL, wrong table is started (usually PREVIOUS or 1-2 tables far voisin to the table I chosen: example: when launching CEntaur - Cactus Canion is started instead.) What is STRANGE: when I try to launch 20 times Centaur - it starts 17 times Cactus Canion, but 3 times - CENTAUR.. looks like some "keystroke slowdown when choosing maybe"? I have all 61 tables in PA and 61 in RL camelist - just checked twice. Thank you! I tested from hyperspin - yes, it looks like a "jam" or "slowdown" when moving cursor to selected table - there is a kind of Pause when it moves - if you see such slowdown (table moving list hang) , wrong table will be chosen for 100%. When cursor moves onto the tables - there is no sound. But if cursor is hanged on some table - this table wallpaper appears with sound - after that cursor continues to move to target table - in this case it will stop 1-2 tables far from desired table. Hope I could explain in my english heh.. If you you see no hangs or slowdown of moving Table choosing cursor - be sure RIGHT table will be launched. How to Fix it ? by the way - I have some issue maybe with blockinput.exe ??? Just curious about this phenomenon (see pic): admin rights given to blockinput and rocketlauncher as well.
  10. [sOLVED] - I am little better than stupid: I choosed path to .exe of my stanalone PA folder. Working PERFECTLY now Problem: After trying to launch a game from within Rlaunch , I get STEAM starting & trying to download Pinball Arcade (free version I suppose). after Audit Rlaunch wont find any table (table list is RED, Found=no) config: I have 1.40.9 all tables (61 table) "SPECIAL free version" (!), Rlaunch Pinball Arcade Custom.ahk Pinball Arcade Custom.isd + your XML file I found following in your AHK: Module - Running Pinball Arcade as a stand alone game and not through Steam as an executable was defined yes, I exactly want to launch PA as standalone game but lack of knowledges wont let me change your AHK properly. by the way Pinball Arcade Custom.ahk is colored Yellow in Rlaunch (while Pinball Arcade.ahk aside is usual Green) How to tell to RL where Pinball Arcade folder is located on my HDD? (do I need it?) How to avoid Steam launching download? Thanks!
  11. Really good guide. Only one point: add advise to give to Hyperspin, HyperHQ, rocketlauncherUI and rocketlauncher admin rights ("run as admin" in file properties). I immediatly got my config working only after giving admin rights to quoted *.exes
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