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  1. I managed to make it work Now, what i need is to customize everything that goes in the pause menu, do anyone knows how to?
  2. I think i I think these are the files you wanted me to show you. So, take a look at these:
  3. Yes, i did that configuration Maybe if you use discord, it will be better with the screen-share feature
  4. I said im using RocketLauncher + Hyperspin, and not Hyperlaunch + Hyperspin. And yes, i did click in the HyperHQ the option that says Hyperlaunch, but for some reason, i can't get the games launch via hyperspin after i configure them in RocketLauncher.
  5. I don't have idea how to get that troubleshooting file, but that happen is, when i hit enter to a pc game via HS, it just don't do anything, even if i hit countless time, nothing, but it does launch in RocketLauncherUI
  6. Hi guys Gonna be brief: I've searched a lot of tutorials about ''how to launch pc games via hyperspin'' They usually only show how do add then to rocket launcher, but never show how to launch them via hyperspin When i try myself, i just get nothing to work via hyperspin, and im tired of trial and error, so, those experts of you, who can help me here, please, i'd be greatly appreciated If needed, i have discord, and my name there is the same here: Raykusen
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