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  1. Hi mate well the Brazilian artists here are absolutely incredible, it must be something you guys drink ;-)

    Have you made anymore of your awesome snes or Super Famicom boxes. Your Super Famicom boxes are without a doubt the best set available. I would be happy to contribute some money towards drinks for you as an incentive to continue them buddy. All the best Ant

    1. beto


      Hello again, thank you very much for the compliment !!!
      Here we drink a lot of kkkk beer.
      We are a very happy and fun people and we like to welcome all the people from all over the world.
      I am doing these arts because I want to contribute a lot and despite the short time I have to work on this project I strive to deliver the best I can.
      My biggest incentive is the support of people like you.


      Big hug my friend from afar

    2. beto


      Each week I put more boxes and artwork in the google drives community ... as you can see, I do all the editing of original artwork to arrive at a favorable outcome.





       I have to edit all the images, because they do not come good.


      NBA.png.a6a50de0413a9d204347cd0a6af5aefc.png original            


      592af5446bb1a_NBAJam-TournamentEdition(USA).png.444dac50118ee150df11f59514297886.pngFinal result after editing


      NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (USA).png

    3. fire10


      They look incredible my friend. I am a huge fan 

  2. Can u send your box templates so I can try to make some myself in photoshop

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