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  1. Hey alostsol you know me better as buck21 :-) , nice to be your friend here also

  2. Hey celestria, here on hyperspin this is my user name but over on undergroundgamer you know me as buck21 :-)

  3. Holy cows this is so frickin awesome, ive wanted to do something like this for my cab for ages now , glad i havent finished my cab yet , going to scratch off my old marquee and implement this instead, wicked work dude. was wondering bill are the marquees you have done so far(system ones) on the ftp anywhere? Was thinking also, because we all like to name our cabs , maybe while the intro is lplaying a marquee could be displaying, i guesss have a HS one with the program with the option for us to add our own.
  4. I think a Hyperjuke would be a nice addition , turn the PC into a juke box , would like to see the option to select an album and a subwheel to select asong from the album, could see genre and favs in there too? what do ya think guys , i reckon the guys here have the brains to make it happen , should we push it to be done? Love evrything on offer so far but could see this as a great addition!
  5. Hey KB , i am very interested in aquiring HSMC , i would probably need help setting it up though, could you do this for me if i purchase?. PM me when you can. Oh your themes are awsome btw , you sure are a great contributor, looking foward to any more realeses you may have in mind!

  6. Thats great Fyrecrypts , nice to know it can be easily updated, thanks.
  7. I think the idea of been able to add the supproted games to a genre is awesome, nice one to however thought of it. The whole HitoText concept is unique and worthwhile in my opinion , i am going to try get mine up and running today sometime, wish me luck. Just one question though , everytime new games are added where should i refer to to get the latest files to update HiTOText?
  8. Hey Bent98 how are you , i was hoping you could sort my access to ftp , ive gone gold and i am very excited to see whats ahead, help when you can , thanks bud!

  9. I like this idea a lot , have a question though , in order to see if i have setup hitotext right, do i have to beat a high score already set in a game? , think if i knew this i could set it up faster , how do you know if it's working ? *** Hyperspin ~ The most incredibly beautiful thing in the world *** ammm don't repeat that aloud , don't wan't the wife to hear :-)
  10. I am brand new to the site and have to say I think Hyperspin is the most incredible program ever created , i mean it is OUTSTANDING!!!! Going to donate next so i can acess the FTP , omg , i just quiver thinking of what my Cab is going to look like with all these awsome features , if i had to rate the program out of ten i would give it a million!! Incredible just incredible ... i flabergasted. Must give a thanks a million shout out to all who made it what it is ... Respect! big time :-)
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