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  1. I think it only support's .chd up to (v4) format, I personally would stick to .gdi ROMs there the most stable
  2. Nice one One more thing is there a hot key to exit, or can you set one??? Not really played about with this emulator much :/
  3. Just buy a cheap laptop, the naming tools don't need a lot of processing power to work
  4. Use the buiild I told you to use and and you'll be able to get to the settings with the controller, and point it to the folder containing the folder labeled (data) which should be the one containing your bios, don't point it inside the (data) folder!!! So (/storage/emulated/0/dc) in my case, and not /storage/emulated/0/dc/data) Don't know if there's away not to have to put the date and time in everytime, if anyone knows, please tell because it really bugs me :/
  5. Just download the nightly from the 24/07/14 its the last one of the master's, and you'll be able to accessthe setting's page
  6. My Hyperspin setup progress Thanks for all the help on this forum, especially from Reznnate Would love to see other setups for more ideas
  7. Do they pair up OK??? Didn't think you could bluetooth connect anymore, so I modified an icade so it's wired
  8. I've got a load of the original controllers, with USB adapters and OTG cables
  9. I know!!! How sick would that be, Hyperspin in your pocket!!!
  10. Can't help but notice you have a Nexus 6p Reznnate, does that mean we'll be getting Hyperspin for Nexus 6p??? Also what are you running your cab with, a shield portable???
  11. Yeah, its an handy App to have, it'll update Dolphin and Reicast too
  12. I think they've sorted it now if you're updating via the F-Droid App, you should only have to delete it once and then it should be signed the same
  13. I've never used Rocket Launcher mate, we don't use it on Android :/ I'm going to do a PC build soon though, so thanks for the info
  14. Sting

    Mame 2003

    Have you tried (cores/mame2003_libretro_android.so)
  15. Just got it working with 1/29, I think there may have a been a glitch in my system though. I deleted (zip) and just left (gbc) and it loaded, and then I added zip again and it still works So I thought maybe I had a space at the end of rom extensions in the setting's file, but I'd tried it with (GBC) and (GB) because I just needed it to work with either of them, because I was using gambatte for the other
  16. Are you using a nightly Retroarch build Reznnate???
  17. Are you using a nightly Retroarch build mate???
  18. Think I know what you mean, so (system/gbc/gbc.cfg), and use a saved .cfg file???
  19. Leanback Launcher_20160129_090331_Manual.mp4 Still won't work :/ Are you using a nightly build??? Where do i get the config files from??? Here's where I'm at with it, I just need another core working for gameboy color or work this override config out definitely don't want the gameboy bezel and filter on the gameboy color :/
  20. Has anyone got this core working through Hyperspin??? I'm using per core setting's and don't want the same settings for Gameboy and Gameboy color :/ If there's a way of using the same core for 2 systems with different setting's, please share I'm currently using (gambatte) for both :/
  21. Are you using the RetroArch core version, and if so do you have the BIOS named (saturn_bios.bin)??? And placed it in your BIOS folder???
  22. Does it load outside of Hyperspin???
  23. (Hyperspin/Databases/mainmenu.XML) Add and remove which ones you want/don't want
  24. Are the retroarch tgbdual and gameboy/gameboy color(emux) cores broken??? Neither seem to work through Hyperspin, and can't get (emux) to work at all :/
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