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  1. Set the bezel in rocketlauncher!!!
  2. Yeah, I set it up on my laptop in hyperlaunch, and then copied it over to my tablet. I set it up with the game boy bezel though, I don't know if anyone else has got it working with the bezel on? I know retroarch has bezels, but there not as good. I set the ROM path Emulator/Nintendo Game Boy/ROMs/, and I've tried both zip and GB file extensions.
  3. It was the .ini file name, must of opened it about a hundred times editing it :/ Everything is named the same now, Advance is working But Game boy isn't, the screen goes black and then it goes back to hyperspin :/ Going to remove system and start from scratch I think :/
  4. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2955182/tablets/88000-nvidia-shield-tablets-recalled-due-to-heat-risk.html
  5. Yeah mate, I'm using retroarch. By overlay I mean bezel from hyperlaunch. Sorry don't know all the lingo yet. I've got everything named the same as the data, and the paths to the ROMs in the ini's correct, but still no joy :/ I edited all my ini's manually before I found the one's you posted, so even tried editing them on the fly. Now I know these systems work, I'll try again tomorrow. I must be missing something :/
  6. Anybody having problems with gameboy and gameboy advance on Android??? Says missing ROM :/ I've got a gameboy overlay on the gameboy, could this Be the problem??? Or shouldn't it matter???
  7. exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity parameters= romextension=zip searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false Try this Sorry realised you'd sorted it :/
  8. Sting

    Nexus 9

    Thanks for the help mate, looks like rooting it is.
  9. Sting

    Nexus 9

    Update!!! Tried a USB pen drive, and my nexus 9 recognises it as:(usb://3003/*****/) ***** = whatever name I name the drive as! I've tried unplugging and restarting, but it gives me the number (3003 to 3007) prior to the drive! Is there anychance of adding these paths to any update, or will it be different with a external hard drive? Has anyone else experienced this on nexus 9?
  10. Sting

    Nexus 9

    Thanks a lot mate Didn't want to buy an external hard drive for it not to work.
  11. Sting

    Nexus 9

    Yeah mate, that's what I meant. ES file explorer can access external storage, and so can Nexus media importer. So thought there may be a way to do it.
  12. Sting

    Nexus 9

    Is there anyway of hyperspin reading external memory without root???
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