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  1. Launch a system through RetroArch that doesn't need a BIOS file like (Genesis/GB/GG/NES/SNES), then press the green triangle go to (setting/directory/SystemBiosdir) and now set it to the system folder, return to game for about 20 secs just so it saves the settings, and the press the green triangle and exit via the RetroArch menu. I'm going to show this in part 2 of the (MAME) setup. Did 2 more setup videos tonight (Neo Geo AES) using the (MAME) core, and (PSP) with the (PPSSPP) core in RetroArch with a custom (PSP) overlay/bezel, I'll release in the next few days.
  2. I use Picodrive, and have never had a problem with lag :/
  3. Cores been down a few weeks now, when it does work again I'm never updating it again
  4. You can now use the right stick as a mouse now too
  5. NTFS mate, you need to unmount it properly from your other devices, otherwise it can get stuck in a sort of bootloop that won't mount.
  6. I put my shield in standby, plug in drive, press standby again, restart and then it's fine. I can edit file names on external, send between tablet and shield TV to edit files and move/copy files around
  7. I can now edit my external drives again
  8. He means (.) Here's the emulator settings
  9. You could try (neocdz) and (neocdzj) instead of (neocd). I tried getting it to work but gave up in the end, I had no way of testing the (.iso) files for it.
  10. Use a working .(ini) and edit for SNES, I tend to find if it just flickers with no toast warning its usually a BIOS or setting file problem, and as SNES doesn't need a BIOS I'm guessing it's your setting file
  11. Watch this http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/15200-mupen64plusmupen64ae-setup-tutorial/
  12. Retroarch (MAME) core is 0.170. If you still have these cores, or your device is rooted and have copies you can, Reicast hasn't been ported to Android yet. I use the pre configured settings for Genesis, it only had a Dpad, start, A,B and C so remap if you wish but I don't mind the pre configured settings.
  13. Turn off per core settings in Retroarch after launching a game through Retroarch, if you want all the same settings for each system. Most of my system's have different settings for bezels, overlays, picture size etc so I personally have per core settings turned on
  14. Retroarch has a double configuration, so adjustments you make when launching a game directly in Retroarch, will not be present when launching a game through Hyperspin.
  15. Sting


    MAME folder 0.172 is 405GB and contains 33,329 files and 449 folders
  16. Once you've launched a game from HyperSpin, press the green triangle which should take you to the Retroarch menu. Now go to (settings/input/input hotkey binds) and define a button to exit Retroarch (I use the back button). Now back out until you see quick menu at the top, click this and resume game for about (20 seconds), return to the Retroarch menu and exit. Now launch the game again, and try the back button to exit, the reason I say to exit through the menu the first time is so it saves the settings.
  17. Send me your settings file for Genesis, and I'll take a look. You must have a mistake in it or a space somewhere. I've just checked (Picodrive) and Genesis and neither are supposed to support (.zip), so I'd unzip a ROM and make sure the name matches the database (.xml), and remove all other ROM extensions from your (.ini) a part from the one your ROM is in.
  18. Sting


    My setup is about 800GB, but I haven't got the full sets for the CD systems yet
  19. Have you unzipped your ROMs, and put the right ROM extensions in your settings (.ini)???
  20. Sting


    Yeah, it's just hit and miss on some of the newer games in the sets, but the majority should work fine
  21. Sting


    All I know of is the mame4droid and the Retroarch cores, if there are anymore I'm not aware of them. I don't use anything to organise my ROMs other than the filter in the settings file set to (wheel only), I've got the full MAME 0.172 set even though there are a lot of clones and stuff that won't load, I've got a 5TB external hard drive so I've got the room. What do you mean by split sets or merged???
  22. Watch this, and then let me know if it's still not running I'm using the (MAME) core for sg1000, is that the core your using or the (Genesis/Pico) cores???
  23. A black screen and doesn't load??? Have you set your system folder as BIOS directory also???
  24. Sting


    MAME4droid is an emulator, 0.139 is the ROM set number. So if your ROMs are 0.139, just use the (MAME) core, and it should play most of the ROMs I know there's a lot of confusion on ROM sets and MAME versions, I know I was was confused at first!!! But the long and short of it is, the newer the MAME version, the higher the hardware you will need to run it. And obviously Android device's aren't up to the same level as PC's yet. If you wanted the latest ROM set though you can download the latest set, and it'll be just hit and miss which of the newest ROMs will work, or you could update your ROMs and when it asks you to skip or replace the ROMs you already have, you could just skip the one's you have for the time being. I've just updated to 0.172, and will live with the fact some ROMs won't play. Here are MINIMUM requirements MAME requires to run:)System Requirements MAME is written in fairly generic C/C++, and has been ported to numerous platforms. Over time, as computer hardware has evolved, the MAME code has evolved as well to take advantage of the greater processing power and hardware capabilities offered. The official MAME binaries are compiled and designed to run on a standard Windows-based system. The minimum requirements are: Intel Core series CPU or equivalent, at least 2.0 GHz 32-bit OS (Vista SP1 or later on Windows, 10.9 or later on Mac) 4 GB RAM DirectX 9.0c for Windows A Direct3D, or OpenGL capable graphics card Any DirectSound capable sound card/onboard audio Of course, the minimum requirements are just that: minimal. You may not get optimal performance from such a system, but MAME should run. Modern versions of MAME require more power than older versions, so if you have a less-capable PC, you may find that using an older version of MAME may get you better performance, at the cost of greatly lowered accuracy and fewer supported systems.
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