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  1. Which version of MAME are you using??? MAME and MESS are now combined, so MESS is no longer a separate app/core so everything MESS used to do is now in MAME
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sika524.android.quickshortcut If you use this app it will give you the launch extension for your apps, then create a database file and use the launch as the game name within the database file. That's all there is too it If you have and Android system wheel within your setup, it's identical setup too that
  3. Sting


    Happy to help mate, let me know what you need
  4. Have you used Hyperspin before??? And if so, are all the names matching (database/wheel/ROMs), and also unzip your roms and make sure the extension is correct in the .ini file
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    Hahaha No, Simply Austin is Awesome!!! And I'm definitely not try to step on his toes, his videos are the best!!! There wasn't any video's of the Android side of things on HyperSpin and Retroarch, and there's not really any setup guides for MAME/MESS on setting up individual systems, so wanted to make it as easy as possible for people
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    I don't think there's a definitive answer to what version of MAME you can run, I'm on 0.161 but going to jump to 0.172 this weekend. The MAME core in Retroarch is 0.170, but I just don't think the hardware is up to it, hence why not everything plays. I'm still trying to get the CHD's to load, but haven't managed to yet :/
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    It's (RetroArch MAME core) and (MAME) specific mate, if you don't set it the same way as in the video you won't get the bezels and the other systems to work. Also my personal advice would be to turn off per core settings, follow my video and put the BIOS files for the other system cores in the (system) folder too, along side the (MAME) folder, and then turn your per core settings back on. It will save you hassle down the road.
  8. The system folder I've uploaded should work on any device, as I've set it up with all the options of a PC version just in case some of the other PC options get ported to Android. If you follow my other videos the setup should be the same, for the individual systems on both Android and PC, I'd probably try following the Amstrad GX4000 setup first, because it doesn't need BIOS files and then work from there
  9. You've not formatted it to internal memory on your shield have you??? And have you never been able to edit on it, or is it all of a sudden???
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    Here you go mate https://mega.nz/#!5V40nBDJ!QWAmkaq78lA6i8hdZhSe_EZ0122k2K1D4eXc3m7oxZ0
  11. I've pre configured the system folder, all you have to do is unzip and copy over the folder to your device https://mega.nz/#!5V40nBDJ!QWAmkaq78lA6i8hdZhSe_EZ0122k2K1D4eXc3m7oxZ0
  12. I think I've the same one, and mine works fine. Do you mean you can't unzip the files on your PC???
  13. You could also try putting your HyperSpin setup on the internal drive, then you should be able to edit, and just put your ROMs on the external
  14. Don't format, you'll be forever reformatting it!!! Plug into your PC and modify something or add a random folder, now in the bottom right there should be an option to unmount (make sure you unmount it this way) don't just unplug it, it causes the drive to corrupt. Then unplug the power on your shield, plug the drive in and then the power lead and start up. If it doesn't work the first time try restarting with it plugged in. I've noticed myself that if you just hot plug it (plug with power on) it won't read, also it won't read it if it's not been unmounted properly since Marshmallow update its really fussy. Also don't unmount from shield with power on.
  15. I'm not allowed to talk ROMs on here mate :/ But if you Google (gx4000 roms) the first result looks good
  16. MAME2010 core is 0.139 (never got properly ported to Android) MAME2014 core is MAME 0.157 (is no longer being worked on) MAME core is 0.170 Goodluck waiting for mame2014 Oh and I also wanted to give something back, that's why I became a PLATINUM member, but what do I know I've only got 272 posts on here and am still a "noob"
  17. Hahaha Reznnate says quote "I use MAME git core" on the second post of this thread, if I had a CAVE wheel the core I'd have it set to is MAME, because that would play the majority of the ROMs. I've got about 40 systems running through the (MAME) core, that's systems not wheels so I know a little about what it can and can't do. I only come on here to help and in my opinion your wasting your time trying to get the newer CAVE ROMs load and I'll leave you to it
  18. System RequirementsMAME is written in fairly generic C/C++, and has been ported to numerous platforms. Over time, as computer hardware has evolved, the MAME code has evolved as well to take advantage of the greater processing power and hardware capabilities offered. The official MAME binaries are compiled and designed to run on a standard Windows-based system. The minimum requirements are: Intel Core series CPU or equivalent, at least 2.0 GHz 32-bit OS (Vista SP1 or later on Windows, 10.9 or later on Mac) 4 GB RAM DirectX 9.0c for Windows A Direct3D, or OpenGL capable graphics card Any DirectSound capable sound card/onboard audio Of course, the minimum requirements are just that: minimal. You may not get optimal performance from such a system, but MAME should run. Modern versions of MAME require more power than older versions, so if you have a less-capable PC, you may find that using an older version of MAME may get you better performance, at the cost of greatly lowered accuracy and fewer supported systems. It's an hardware issue as I said, each version update of (MAME) requires more power. Hence why mame4droid is stuck before 0.140, the Android hardware hasn't kept up with PC's. The newer the version the more power it requires to run. If someone wants to prove me wrong, show me Deathsmiles running on a retail Android device, not some Frankenstein's monster device with 3 Nvidia shields running in parallel
  19. It'll be in (Android/media) on either the shield or your external drives
  20. I thought (MAME) core was (MAME2014) and (MESS) together as one??? I can even run (SEGA M2) with the (MAME) core, not at a speed you can play it, but the roms load. All my arcade wheels are running through (MAME) core. And has anyone got Deathsmiles running on an Android device???
  21. Just had a play with it, the earlier ROMs load no problem, but the later ones crash. I'd say this seems more like an hardware issue than BIOS issue, but if anyone has later game ROMs like Deathsmiles I'd like to see a video with it loading and of there settings and ROM set.
  22. I'd try copying your (MAME.ini) first and renaming it to this system and trying that, then if it works just edit the ROM path
  23. Someone post me a list of Cave games!!! I've not got a cave wheel, and it's not a machine I've ever been familiar with. I'm pretty sure they need BIOS files though, the mame packs usually come with the BIOS files included, so try putting the BIOS files in with your ROMs.
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