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    You need to set the system folder as your BIOS folder in Retroarch settings, going to do a video on it tomorrow
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  3. Go into Retroarch, (setting/input) it should give you the pre configurations, I can't remember if I had to define buttons, I'll check when I get in
  4. Try a different ROM sets, and Channelf starts like that
  5. What's PD MAME??? I think it's the same setup mate, but we don't use RL on Android so don't know for sure. But the file/folder paths are the same in which ever version you use, and we obviously take the (hash) folder from the PC version
  6. The (hash) folder gives you your system name, and then just Google the latest MAME BIOS files and they will be pre named in a (.zip) file that matches the name of the system (.xml) Done a GX4000 setup video, will be posting it later
  7. Just set your hot keys and BIOS folder etc, and then turn on per core settings or turn off per core settings, set your hot keys exit RetroArch and then load it again and turn them back on.
  8. Sting

    Exit setup

    I just use back or L3+R3
  9. Sting

    Exit setup

    Retroarch (settings/Input/Input Hotkey Binds/Quit RetroArch)
  10. Hahaha Your not the first, and you won't be the last
  11. This is for Android mate, we don't use Rocket Launcher
  12. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/15470-microsoft-msx-using-fmsx-core-retroarch/
  13. Quick tutorial on setting MSX using Retroarch Quick tutorial on getting Microsoft MSX to run through Retroarch and Hyperspin. BIOS files needed: (msx.rom, msx2.rom, msx2ext.rom, msx2p.rom, msx2pext.rom) Hyperspin settings: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/fmsx_libretro_android.so romextension=rom,mx1,mx2
  14. Sting

    game wheel

    Or use the filter in your (MAME.ini) setting file
  15. There were issues with Retroarch when it was released with the default white screen, and some emulator's didn't work with it, so I changed mine and kept it like that just to be on the safe side I don't have a fmsx wheel though, it's not a system I'm familiar with, so don't know of any other issues sorry :/
  16. Try changing the menu driver in Retroarch to "rgui"
  17. Is there a way of using "|" to set a string of emulator's, so that you could have a mixed folder of ROMs (GB,SNES,n64,etc) and then it would go through the emulator (exe=,parameter lines) until it found the correct one, or is this not possible???
  18. Could be an error in your (MAME.ini), if you've got another system where you can get to the wheel copy and rename the setting .ini to MAME.ini, and then try launching the wheel. If it works go back and set your paths, exe, parameters etc
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