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  1. Do you have anti virus installed??? That's the only other thing I can think of without going down the logcat route like Reznnate said :/
  2. I don't own a Shield handheld, but I have the Shield TV and a Nexus 9, and both come up with the message seen below if I don't have any files. Where did you get the Hyperspin apk and what version of Android are you running???
  3. Hahaha cheers Just want to make it as easy as possible for people to set it up
  4. Uninstall the app, and reinstall it. And then move your Hyperspin folder to a sub folder in your device just to see if you get a toast (pop up warning) saying not found. If you do get the warning then move your Hyperspin folder back to the Root menu of your device and try loading it again.
  5. Full guide to setting up Game and Watch core using Retroarch and Hyperspin Retroarch GW core settings: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/gw_libretro_android.so
  6. Quick guide to getting Retroarch up and running from scratch Please be aware when launching a game through Hyperspin, it will have its own settings!!! So if you want the overlay on when launching a game from Retroarch, launch a game through Retroarch, and then go to the menu and adjust the settings
  7. No worries, gonna try and do video for every system eventually
  8. Just done another quick tutorial enjoy ColEm (free): exe=com.fms.colem/com.fms.emulib.MainActivity ColEmDeluxe: exe=com.fms.colem.deluxe/com.fms.emulib.MainActivity
  9. While the (mupen64) core is down in Retroarch, I've gone back to the (nightly) standalone emulator. Here's a quick video tutorial showing my settings, and a demo of both versions running Mupen64Plus AE exe=paulscode.android.mupen64plus/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.MainActivity parameters= Nightly builds exe=org.mupen64plusae.v3.alpha/paulscode.android.mupen64plusae.SplashActivity parameters=
  10. I've got it running on shield TV, runs perfectly
  11. Just put your BIOS files in the system folder or set it to per core settings within Retroarch
  12. No worries mate, I'll try and do some for the other systems when I get time
  13. You'll just have to play around with it, it's hard messing with the settings without a keyboard, so tend to do the minimum of adjustments in the master settings :/
  14. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/15112-adventure-vision-mame-core-video-tutorial/
  15. Tutorial on setting up Adventure Vision I'll try and do one for all the main systems when I get time
  16. What does your setting file look like???
  17. Google (mess bios) and the first result is the only one you need, rename them to match mine and hey presto
  18. Here's my setup from my phone In my BIOS folder I have the 2 BIOS files in there raw format, and I have them both in a (zip) folder named advision
  19. I didn't have it setup yet, so just set it up now It literally took me 5 minutes to get everything running. Created an (advision) folder in my system folder put my ROMs in there, and then created another folder named (advision) inside my (advision) folder for my (BIOS) files. So I have (system/advision/advision). My ROMs are (.bin) but they are all in (.zip) folders, and named exactly how they are they are in the (advision.xml) in the hash folder. I set everything up on my phone, and then sent it to my shield, I'm off work tomorrow so will do a video guide.
  20. Your welcome mate, I know what you mean though :/
  21. Yeah it's came, hoping to set it up later
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