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  1. I'd suggest trying to load different ROMs, Advision isn't perfect and neither is (mame/mess) :/ Here's a guide on which emulator (core/systems) work and which ones have issues along with settings. http://www.progettoemma.net/mess/sysset.php
  2. Remove forward slash from end of ROM path, and I'd try just (cue) or (bin) on ROM extension line. I've had problems in the past with both of these issues in the .ini :/
  3. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/8537-settings-android-emulator-settings/page-1
  4. You need to name your ROMs exactly how they are in the hash folders .xml files.
  5. Where did you get your hash folder???
  6. Does it load outside of Hyperspin???
  7. Advision isn't perfect, check the hash folder for a (advision.xml) to name your roms, and then it'll be trial and error.
  8. Sting

    N64 setup

    Don't think it support's .zip files, extract ROMs and add ROM extension to setting file
  9. Just put them in your ROMs folder, rename them to match your database and hey presto they should load
  10. You can download the G&W ROMs through Retroarch, just go to (Add Content/Download Content)
  11. Is Mario still running slow when you start it??? I'm experiencing the same problem, I just thought I'd messed with something in the settings.
  12. Did you sort it??? I think there maybe a glitch :/ If it won't mount no matter how you try and connect it, plug it in to a PC and edit something on the drive, unmount and then try it again in your shield
  13. Yeah doesn't recognise (&) unless you put it as (&) don't know the reason why, I just know it doesn't. You may find some of your database .XML files contain (&), in which case Hyperspin will only read to that point. Example if I had a game called Batman & Robin, my game wheel on that system would stop there, and I'd be unable to see anything beyond that point.
  14. Root folder under (/movies/game recordings)
  15. Go to hyper HQ and type in (Game and Watch) not (Game and Watch), then go to (Hyperspin/media/main menu/images/wheel) and change your (Game & Watch) logo name to (Game and Watch). Now start Hyperspin, you should now see your logo. All you have to do now is rename the rest of your media.
  16. You've got it in your mame folder, it should be in the system folder next to the mame folder
  17. Change (&) to (and) in all your folders and settings, or change it to (&) and it will appear
  18. You need to use a nightly build, the play store version doesn't work :/
  19. Ordered a dolphin bar off eBay, hopefully will be here in the next few days
  20. Does it load without going to the retroarch menu through hyperspin??? If not post your ROM path
  21. You should have (system/mame/hash) (system/a5200 ***put your ROMs in here***) (system/a5200/a5200 ***put your bios in here***)
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