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  1. Is it saying anything, or is it just flickering black when you try and load a ROM???
  2. You need your ROMs in (system/a5200) and your BIOS files in (system/a5200/a5200)
  3. Uninstall Retroarch and reinstall it mate, and if that fails let me know
  4. Try removing the forward slash (/) at the end of the rompath line, I had a the same problem with the mame core last week, and that solved it
  5. I'd just pick the latest, just checked mine and it plays but RetroArch crashes if I try and enter the RetroArch menu :/ I'll take a proper look this weekend hopefully
  6. Have you tried mounting it in the Nvidia shield settings???
  7. What's your (exe=) & (parameters) line??? You really need to start messing with Retroarch, and if you mess it up just uninstall and start again It used to really piss me off, but now I have most things running of it, and you can do so much extra things with it I want to start doing set up vids for it, just haven't had much time :/
  8. Download the nightly version, I'm sure there was an issue with the playstore version, or use it through Retroarch
  9. Hahaha Wasn't yelling, but it gets really confusing for newbies when you mention Rocket Launcher in the android forums
  10. This is Android!!! Rocket launcher isn't used!!!
  11. Hold the home button down and it'll give you the option to screen record and share. G-sensors are if you move the controller around without pressing any buttons, and the emulator register's the movement, like if you were playing Mario kart and you can use a Wiimote as a steering wheel.
  12. https://dolphin-emu.org/compat/ Check the compatibility of the games your trying to play
  13. ***UPDATE*** It's changed my external storage names, but still automatically mount's them. But had to change the ROM path in the (.ini) from (sdcard1/sdcard2). Can't edit external files with (es file explorer). Gives you the option to mount external as Internal, but it'll obviously format the drive and delete everything, and will then possibly encrypt everything so you can no longer edit on a PC/laptop :/
  14. Has anyone installed this yet, and if so does Hyperspin still work???
  15. Do the 8bitdo controllers have G-sensors???
  16. Figured it out Hyperspinners!!! In the settings .ini for the individual systems example (Atari 5200.ini) (GX4000.ini) Intellivision.ini) etc etc... On the rompath line don't put a forward slash (/) at the end of the line. Just got Intellivision and GX4000 running in the last five minutes
  17. Don't know how but I've got it working I'll try and do a video guide and update all my files to the platinum area this week
  18. Reznnate, any idea what I'm doing wrong here???
  19. Let me know if you get it working, I'm totally stumped :/
  20. I haven't a clue mate, I've not come a cross it :\
  21. exe=com.epsxe.ePSXe/com.epsxe.ePSXe.ePSXe parameters=com.epsxe.ePSXe.isoName * change romext=cue in setting .ini
  22. Can't get it to load through Hyperspin, I must be missing something Here's it working outside of Hyperspin, and my folder lay out
  23. I've got it running 2 different ways, just got to check launching from Hyperspin and then I'll do a tutorial on the easier way
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