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  1. Hi Rez, please can you me these helper files??? Sorted A5200, just need intv please Edit: Can't get it to load through Hyperspin :/
  2. I've got it running!!! I'll do a full tutorial tomorrow
  3. (mame) is (mess) now, they've been integrated together.
  4. Same here!!! If I work it out I'll do a full tutorial
  5. I know Reznnate has this working, but has anyone else??? I need an idiots guide for this one :/ Downloaded mess, extracted the hash folder put it in (com.retroarch/system/mame/) tried ROMs in (com.retroarch/system/mame/a5200) & (com.retroarch/system/mame/) with the BIOS in (com.retroarch/system/mame/a5200/a5200/) named it (a5200.zip) and still can't get it to load, I've even matched the rom names to the hash (a5200.xml) :/ If anyone can do a guide it will be much appreciated
  6. Which nightly are you using with the Dolphin bar??? And have you found any issues??? Thinking of getting one, so just wanted to know if it's worth getting
  7. Have you tried a different SNES core??? I use Snes9xNext Also did you put in the rom extension of the unzipped ROMs in the setting's (.ini), and make sure you didn't put a space at the end of the (exe) or (parameters), I've done that myself a few times when copy and pasting :/
  8. Unzip it, and make sure the name matches the (XML). If that fails, edit a copy of an (.ini) setting file from a system that's working. And also change the menu driver to (rgui)
  9. Didn't even know about the config files in Dolphin, thanks for the info
  10. exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu/org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.ui.main.MainActivity parameters=AutoStartFile
  11. Did you uninstall any previous versions first???
  12. Do you have 2 setting's folder's (Setting) and Setting_Android)???
  13. Which nightly are you using mate???
  14. Is there a way of setting an hot key to exit Reicast, or is there already a setting I've missed or button combo???
  15. It'll be your Sega CD setting's file that's the problem
  16. I think I'm using a nightly from about the 27th of January
  17. I don't think android can load the laser disc games (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Laserdisc_video_games), but if you do get any of these to load, let me know (mame) is (mame2014) as far as I know, I think they dropped the (2014) off the core because its evolved further.
  18. I checked my own and mine has sound, so it must be a glitch or a setting problem.
  19. Put the chd's in with your ROMs, they should automatically pair up. When you downloaded the rom set they normally have the number in the title
  20. Just try installing the core again, and check the audio setting's in Retroarch, and make sure it's enabled
  21. Have you tried loading them with (FBA)???
  22. Thought you meant Reicast, not sure about MAME. Do they come in 2 parts???
  23. Thought you meant Reicast, not sure about MAME. Do they come in 2 parts???
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