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  1. Climber


  2. Yeah i was wondering how i can set a button press on my xbox controller to open hypersearch ?
  3. Well It looks beautiful im running 1.4beta also much improvements!!! im running i7 3770 3.40hz runs hs runs very smooth
  4. Wow that looks very nice Dark
  5. Sorry bud but i dont understand what you are asking maybe its just me?
  6. Wow that would come in handy, I keep having to change my drive letter to my source drive when i copy my setup. If you find the script please let me know where, so i can save it to my hs utilities folder.
  7. The source drive was also c? is so then i dont know otherwise you must change the new drive to the same letter as the source for the proper paths.
  8. Works fine in my setup to with mess have my roms folder in my mess directory with coleco.zip and in the zip coleco.rom
  9. Yes Craiganderson loaded that game up and both disks show on bottom just like picture thanks again for this great system
  10. Thanks Craiganderson for the Sharp x68000 setup tried with dougan78 setup and worked like a charm
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