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  2. marquee size is 411 x 130 flyer size is 278 x 366
  3. set wheel in hyperhq to horizontal centre your good to go
  4. Version 1.0.0


    well it's been over 8 years of enjoyment and testing this skin so time to share it enjoy! this will make your arcade stand out for sure!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    this is my personal mame 0.185 xml with all the rubbish games removed like casino, fruit machine, quiz, rhythm. made for 6 button arcade machines and less. great pure list 2000 + games enjoy!
  6. nathan1974au View File this is my personal mame 0.185 xml with all the rubbish games removed like casino, fruit machine, quiz, rhythm. made for 6 button arcade machines and less. great pure list 2000 + games enjoy! Submitter nathan1974au Submitted 05/21/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  7. the best way to get wheels is to put every 8 bit and 16 bit wheels from all systems into a single folder and run dons renamer! saves making them!
  8. I'm using my windows 7 in the arcade and free update of windows 10 in my pc. win win! but windows 10 don't like Hyperspin runs slow! hyper theme very buggy almost wants to crash. so i will stick to win 7 all you need!. look at it this way what are you going to do with that left over windows 7 dvd!
  9. my friend got one a few months ago! not a good idea for a plug n play device. very old hyperspin stuff like fly videos, 2 days to fix dreamcast Roms because they were rar'ed twice! i was happy that there were a complete playstation Rom set and also a sega saturn. merged mame Roms with romvolt 3 Roms missing! awesome.full gamecube images. good for a Rom fix for your own system. but i wouldn't buy for a plug n play device there shit! old as. and not complete. junk to fill the space giving you the feeling your getting a lot of stuff but there will be over lapping of systems using mame Rom's, where they could use the same pot instead of using 20 Roms of the same name in there own respective Rom folder. only buy for roms etc nothing more. saves you time in downloading them. remember Rom renamer is your friend! and good luck!
  10. this is what i use! steem Ahk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MEmu = Steem MEmuV = v3.4.1 MURL = http://sourceforge.net/projects/steemsse/ MAuthor = rip from a hdd lol! MVersion = 2.0 MCRC = 4DB34981 iCRC = 1E716C97 MID = 635038268925531896 MSystem = "Atari ST" ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Notes: ; You must manually set a TOS using the emulator first. The UK version is preferred. ; If a game does not work properly check to see if there is a patch available. ; Be sure to read the controller options very carefully since sometimes your controls ; might only work if Scroll Lock is on or Num Lock is off. This needs to be set from ; within the emulator. ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------- StartModule() FadeInStart() settingsFile := modulePath . "\" . moduleName . ".ini" Fullscreen := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "Fullscreen","true",,1) 7z(romPath, romName, romExtension, 7zExtractPath) Run(executable . " " . ((Fullscreen = "true") ? ("-fullscreen") : ("")) . " -nonotifyinit """ . romPath . "\" . romName . romExtension . """", emuPath) WinWait("ahk_class Steem Window") WinWaitActive("ahk_class Steem Window") FadeInExit() Process("WaitClose", executable) 7zCleanUp() FadeOutExit() ExitModule() RestoreEmu: Send, {Pause} Return CloseProcess: FadeOutStart() WinClose("ahk_class Steem Window") Return ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ssd of steem ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <INISCHEMA> <INIFILES> <INIFILE name="%ModuleName%" required="false"> <INITYPE>Module</INITYPE> <SECTIONS> <SECTION name="Settings" required="false"> <SECTIONTYPE>Global</SECTIONTYPE> <KEYS> <KEY name="Fullscreen" required="false" nullable="false"> <KEYTYPE>Boolean</KEYTYPE> <DESCRIPTION>Enables/Disables Fullscreen</DESCRIPTION> </KEY> </KEYS> </SECTION> </SECTIONS> </INIFILE> </INIFILES> </INISCHEMA>
  11. just about to setup dolphin now with game cube and sega tri let you know
  12. for me it's just completing my roms and isos. the artwork well who needs that got my own personal art work! the cost in downloading forbidding images are expensive and time consuming. better to spend with wife and kids than on a computer screen. thats all! not to piss people off and most of the trouble caused here was me helping people with roms etc. and by me typing i just add more fuel to the fire. strange because hyperspin is a front end to emulation for forbidden files. hyperspin is the greatest front end ever! i would spend my whole life to perfect it. but i don't know if i will ever Finnish it. it's my off time tinker toy!
  13. take a good look at your mentality before you accuse me for being stupid!
  14. im using an amd x6 fx. but it's all about the motherboard! asrock dont buy them there so unstable buggy! asus not bad! as for emulation using 2 cores, there program's that use all cores on one particular program like core tuner that helps! so far every think works like a dream ps2 psp etc full speed.
  15. im cutting to the chase getting a hard drive with all roms and isos 4tb saves me money downloading! and all so pleasuredome control. saving me years off my life on the computer.
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