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  1. This is truly awesome !!! As I am currently back working on my Hyperspin set after a few months off it will help tremendously. Thanks a lot to all concerned!!
  2. brudibru


  3. /Unsorted Submissions/_Themes/_Presort/
  4. Salut Mumba, Bienvenue sur le forum, c'est vrai qu'Hyperspin c'est le top même si ça peut paraître intimidant au départ. N'hésites pas à poser des questions, de préférence en Anglais si tu veux plus de réponses. Sinon il y a quelques francophones qui se feront un plaisir de t'aider je pense!
  5. I have updated to Win10 a few weeks ago already and everything is absolutely the same as with Win8.1. What was working before is still working and what was not...you see the point (the non working being only a handful of Taito Type X games).
  6. Wow that is really impressive !!! Are all the systems working? There's a lot I can't work out myself like the Bandai Super Vision 8000 or some I just don't have a module for like the Thomson MO5. concerning Hypersync you are right but you know that it is a matter of patience and there is already much more systems available than a few years back.
  7. Same here. I don't know if it's on purpose or not.
  8. Nice project, I have never seen such a setup. It seems quite difficult to achieve though. For example the pinball table must be inclined to make it realistic which should make the transformation into the arcade cab mode quite difficult. I guess you have to make some concessions toward building a perfect pinball replica. Anyway I wish you the best of luck and I am really curious to see how it evolves.
  9. I have received an update today saying that my order was processed. I'm not sure to understand what it means but at least there is some movement
  10. Yes, I'm supposed to receive mine in September. That's a long time but most probably worth the wait.
  11. I have also ordered one yesterday but it should take a few days to arrive. I will share my impressions as soon as possible. I already have controllers for Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2 so I should look out for the other ones which are supported...
  12. MAMEUI and MESSUI will still be separated so you can use them instead. However, from what I understood, I don't think that it will be too much of a problem to use the new MAME, you just need to change the location of the MESS emu in RL and point it to MAME 0.162 and that should be it.
  13. There is a system theme in the FTP done by cougar888
  14. Hi Newoski, Are you talking about the first version of the NG Pocket (not the NG Pocket color)?
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