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  1. Hyperspin does support modern versions and cores are updated and working for various systems....the problem is your looking in the wrong places...try social media places like Facebook and discord as I can tell u developers and modders are there actively working
  2. If u didn't get it yet, just download an app called quick shortcut maker....then highlight the emulator and it will give u several intents ....1 of them will be the 1 u need...
  3. I posted earlier about my roms not loading from my hdd for amiga but I was using an older puae core...once i updated, they load from the hdd ...so its important ppl use the lastest core and not the older puae core
  4. Day of the tentacle for msdos, u can go to the 2nd floor and on the PC play manic mansion...scummvm version doesn't allow that
  5. Ms dos will take the most time....mess (old computer systems) are also fully compatible as long as the drivers are working for mame up to 0.197...this includes systems that dont have a hash XML like sony pocketstation or sega svm...command line will be your friend so u wont need to rename any roms
  6. Did u set those folders in the directory settings?....it seems like u didnt because when u 1st opened the menu it automatically pointed to the default location in hidden files section...I can confirm that I'm using hyperspin 1.8 retroarch3264 and using retroarch 1.7.6 and also using retroarch64 1.7.5....I changed all important locations that I personally use to edit things like configs folder, overlays folder downloads folder and info folder....did it for both retroarch apks...also changed the open menu buttons to start +back and exit left and right thumbs....did it twice on both apks...1 for standalone apk and again after hyperspin launched both apks....everything is confirmed working as it should
  7. My fault....I had the shield button enabled to kill apps if not currently using...turned it off and all is working now as normal ?
  8. Hey everyone... quick question....I had to reset my shield TV because I downloaded a shady apk that was causing my shield to act up and it would restart regularly on its own....so anyways moving forward , I installed the 1.8 Hyperspin apk and everything seems to work as far as my bezels per game and controller configs and even loading my own custom cores within the downlaods folder...my big issue is now now matter which apk I use (retroarch1.7.6, or retroarch64 1.7.5) when I exit out a game it restart hyperspin.....it doesn't exit back to the game wheels but instead I get the hyperspin startup video then the main menu wheels.....anyone experience that or is it just me?
  9. Sometimes things change with updates....I noticed this when I was testing the scummvm apk...I had like 4 different versions and each one had a different launch parameter
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