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To zip or not to zip (or 7zip)

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I have read so many posts and watched so many videos over the last two weeks that my mind has gone to mush.  Some people say using zip files for your roms is a bad idea because of save state compatability with RetroArch or other emulators.  Others say it's fine as long as you add zip/7z to the file extension list in HyperSpin.  There are also performance considerations to keep in mind with unzipping a game every time you want to play.  How do you all store your roms on Android, and why?  And what about on PC?

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I'm on PC and 7zip everything smaller than a DVD, for PS2 ISOs I use gzip since the emulator can decompress them on the fly, same thing with GameCube and Wii with the Dolphin compression.

I'm not a fan of save states so I don't have come across issues for using compressed files. I guess that If you use the same file and set states' folders to be in the emulator directory It won't be a problem, at least on PC.

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I currently use 7z as well (enabled in HyperSpin) and it works great. I do not use save states at this time so I have no info to share on that issue.  I am however now very interested in the following from Suhrvivor:

" PS2 ISOs I use gzip since the emulator can decompress them on the fly,"

How do you set that up? I would love to reduce the amount of time before being able to play a game etc.  Thank you!

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If I'm no mistaken and since I don't tend to use save states much (seems like cheating to me), they are a problem because some times they're saved in the same directory where the rom or iso are decompressed and when you close the emulator, Rocketlauncher deletes the decompressed iso and the save state file so next time you launch that game you won't have the save state. You need to make sure that the emulator doesn't put the save states in the same directory of the rom or iso. 


To use gzip just grab any iso of a ps2 you have and compress them to gzip format (using 7zip). PCSX2 supports them for a while now.

Some considerations:

- If you use Rocketlauncher, make sure the new file extension is present for PCSX2, otherwise you'll get an error when you try to launch a game.

- The first time you load a gzip, PCSX2 will read the whole gzip file and make a cache of its structure, so don't be scared if you see nothing happening in the emulator window for a while (if you have the console enabled you'll see stuff happening there). Next time you load that gzip PCSX2 it will load it as fast as if it wasn't compressed! 

- The cache file will be created by default in the same directory as the gzip, so make sure you have permissions to create files there (you can change the directory by editing some ini files).

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I don't like using compressed files. The load times, the problem with the save/load states. I use save/load states because i have little time to play and perhaps i must stop a game in any moment and saving is very usefull to me.

The only bad thing is that they need more hard disk space... buy with another hard disk the problem is solved! :D

What i said is everything for PC. I don't use Android.

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Generally speaking most modern compression algorithms give roughly the same compression, and with regard to the number of cores that you can use at once, it is up to you to decide how many you want to use. However, 7-zip is free and open source. The 7z format supports encryption with the AES algorithm with a 256-bit key. The key is generated from a user-supplied passphrase using an algorithm based on the SHA-256 hash function. The SHA-256 is executed 218 (262144) times,[4] which causes a significant delay on slow PCs before compression or extraction starts. This technique is called key stretching and is used to make a brute-force search for the passphrase more difficult. Current GPU-based, and custom hardware attacks limit the effectiveness of this particular method of key stretching,[5] so it is still important to choose a strong password. The 7z format provides the option to encrypt the filenames of a 7z archive.

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I haven't had any issues with save states, but I've set them up to save in a linked google drive folder so I can resume them from a different device without issue.

I think I unzipped for genesis and master system for the fact that kega couldn't deal with them zipped but haven't found many other problems otherwise

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    • By azzajess
      Hey everyone, I have assembled some useful Windows Batch Files to help with the automatic zipping for roms and other tasks.
      To create the .bat file simply create a text document within Windows and name it what you would like and make sure the extension is .bat
      Then you want to right click and press 'edit' in order to add text to the document. Simply copy and paste one of the following code and save it.
      By default windows doesnt normally allow you to see extensions of known file types so you may have to do a quick Google Search on how to show file extensions on all files
      If you would like to change the compression type to either 7z or zip, simply replace the extension where it says either .7z or .zip to the compression type you want.
      Some of these file can/may be improved, as these arnt perfect, however they may help you like they have helped me.
      You must have 7z installed on the computer. I have included the default directory to 7z however double check your directory to make sure its in the same place, otherwise change it to the correct directory
      All Batch files should be in the same directory you would like the operation, this means the .bat files are portable. So sometimes the Batch file may also be ziped up :| 
      The below code automatically zips the files inside folders with the folders name. This is useful for zipping up Foldered roms but dont want to zip up the folder as well. This is useful for SkumVM if you wanted to convert your folder rom set to ZIP
      for /d %%X in (*) do "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "%%X.zip" "./%%X/*" Pseudo Code: For content inside every folder for any extension run 7z and add the contents inside folder and name the zip the same as the folder.
      This automatically zips all files within the same directory of the batch file into a 7z. Useful for making NES or snes roms into 7z, or pretty much any standalone rom
      FOR %%i IN (*.*) DO "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "%%~ni.7z" "%%i" Pseudo Code: For the name of every file with any extension use 7z.exe to create a zip with the current name minus extension.
      So what this does is it puts all the files inside multiple folders in the current directory into a 7z file outside the folder. HOWEVER it only zips the files within the folder if they have the same name but can have different extentions. For example Folder name is Crash_Bandicoot and inside the folder is Crash Bandicoot (USA).bin and Crash Bandicoot (USA).cue. The batch file will automatically zip both files inside the folder (because they have the same name) and place the zip outside that folder called Crash Bandicoot (USA).7z. Just keep in mind, this will also automatically zip any other file with a different name in its own zip such as track01.bin files. etc
      FOR /r %%i IN (*) DO "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe" a "%%~ni.7z" "%%i" Pseudo Code: For files inside directory with any extension use 7z to add files to 7z with name INSIDE folder pairing it up with files of the same name
      For every PDF/anyfile [Replace(*.pdf*) with (*.*) or for text files (*.txt*)] file, it will create a folder of the same name and then rename the file to Manual.pdf. It will then move that file into the folder.
      This is useful for Manuals downloaded from EmuMovies Download Service as it downlaods the manual as the name of the game and to follow the structure of RocketLaunch, its normally in games name folder.
      FOR %%i IN (*.pdf*) DO md "%%~ni" & ren "%%i" Manual.pdf & move Manual.pdf "%%~ni" Pseudo Code: For every file name that ends with .pdf, create a folder with the PDF file name without .pdf and rename the pdf file to Manual.pdf then move the file into the folder just created.
      I am aware that there may be other utlities that can do the same thing such as Dons Rom Rename however these batch files may have other use cases and I am only sharing them because I found them useful, and it may help others as well. 
      I would recommend that you test it on a smaller batch to test it out before converting your entire rom library
      TIP: If you would like to see the progress when it finishes or want to debug it, Add      Pause         to the end of the code (Including a space and it is case sensitive)
      If you have any useful batch files or improvements to the ones here, dont hesitate to share them.
    • By knewlife
      My English is not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes. Warning: When using HA, Do Not set your current ROMs folder as Output folder... this can DELETE ALL ROMS in that folder. Use a New Folder as Output.
      (Its not just like that, i use HA with my roms folder as output all the time, HA also warn you before delete the files in that folder to create new ones, but you have to be careful. Anyway Better to be sure all people get the message) In the current RocketLauncher version the Launch Menu don't work with the files produced by this app, the RL team is aware of this and will fix the problem. HyperArchiver

      What is HyperArchiver?
      Hyperarchiver is an application that takes an Hyperspin XML Database and an UNZIPPED roms folder, compare both (CRC and Filename Compare) and outputs a series of Zip or 7z archives that represents every game in the Database, each one of these archives containing all versions for that given game.
      Also it generates a RomsMapping.ini file that can be used with RocketLauncher to display the "Launch Menu" and let you select the vesion of the game you want to play.
      You don't Know what i'm talking about?
      You MUST READ http://www.rlauncher...le=Rom_Mapping for more info of Rom Mapping, Launch menu and RocketLauncher in general and how to use this tools before continue. You MUST READ the included HyperArchiver readme file, wich contains detailled information on how to use the app.
      Quick Start
      I made this program to create a multi-region hyperspin instalation that let me select the English, Spanish (if there is a Spanish version) and sometimes Japanese version of a rom, but it can be used with any languaje / region, include hacks and other rom versions.
      Extract all the Roms of a full rom set in a temp folder... delete the regions you don't want to be included in the search (Japan, Germany, Etc.) using windows search feature . Create a new folder somewhere to store the Zip/7z Files, and set it as Output Folder in HyperArchiver. Use HyperArchiver to find all matches of every game (How to? read included HyperArchiver readme file). Once the search process as ended you can make some changes to the results using the HyperArchiver Files Editor and then compress all the files in 7zip or Zip formats. Finally open the Rom Mappings folder (inside HA folder) and copy the Rom Mapping.ini file to your RocketLauncher/Settings/[sYSTEM NAME]/Rom Mapping folder to use the ultra cool "Launch Menu". Remember to enable Rom Mapping and Launch menu in RocketLauncherUI or the Launch Menu will not work. (More info in http://www.rlauncher...tle=Rom_Mapping)
      In short: A picture is worth a thousand words

      MAME and Other Arcade Systems
      HyperArchiver works with single file roms, and not with MAME-like romsets, for that purpose I included a “Clone Rom Mapping Maker” based on the script created Bleasby (Thanks) that creates the Rom Mapping.ini for use with Launch Menu based in the parent/clones relationship of the games.
      This way you can have just the MAME parents in your front end, and the launch menu will allow you to select the clones of that game.
      HyperArchiver was made for my own usage, has not ben tested so much and its in a really earlier version, I have little time to work in it so I decide to release it right now.
      My English it’s not good so expect typos and grammatical mistakes.
      You can send me notifications of errors as PM in the Hyperspin Forums (User: Knewlife) including:
      • Operative System
      • Screenshot
      • What is supposed to happen
      • What happen really
      • What you were doing when the error occurs?
      • Can you duplicate the error?
      Do not expect a quick answer.
      The donwload include a readme file with more information and source code (Autoit3 code) ... please coment what you think
      Older versions of the app can be found in this post: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/1931-hyperarchiver-0007
    • By Jonas333
      Boa tarde, me desculpem se for ignorância, mas tenho tido uma dificuldade fenomenal com o Demul.
      Depois que consegui uma versão que funciona 90% bem sozinha, tentei configurar o Hyperspin pra reconhecer o emulador e eu poder rodar direto pelo front end.
      Já tinha feito coisa semelhante com o SNES e o Genesis, depois de aprender online como fazer com o MAME e apesar da minha total falta de capacidade, consegui fazer Mame, Snes e Genesis rodarem bem.
      Acontece que quando tento rodar pelo rocketlauncher (e efetivamente, Hyperspin) recebo o erro
      ".Zip is not a supported file type for this demul (v0.5.7) module."
      Sou meio novato e tentei com vários módulos, varios modelos de DEMUL e o capeta, mas pelo jeito é um erro tão noob, que não achei info na net.
      Meu RocketLauncher é o (DLL UI
      Minha estrutura do hyperspin é 
      Somente o emulador, roda normal (naomi 1, 2 e Atomisware)
      Consegui gerar a lista pelo Don's Hyperlist, mas veio o erro de não reconhecer o arquivos zip.
      Tentei criar uma nova categoria, mesmo erro.
      Dentro de Emuladores, as ROM extensions estão "7z|zip|gdi|cue|cdi|chd|mds|ccd|nrg", mas mesmo só zip, ocorre o mesmo erro.
      Configurar o mesmo no HyperHQ mantém o erro. Já tentei todas os ahk do Demul.
      O que devo fazer?