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  1. Wrapping my hands around MAME

  2. Wrapping my hands around MAME

    Man, MAME is literally the easiest system there is. You should not rename anything. I do not know where you got these roms but MAME roms are NEVER NAMED INCORRECTLY! Unless someone is dicking with you, there is no reasone to do anything with the rom set. What I would suggest is go to ******* and download the torrent for 189. Make sure it is split as merged, though smlaller, has too many issues when you started filtering xmls. So with your split set and mame 189, you should be golden when it comes to roms. Since there is no reason to rename mame roms your set is probably fine. Can you post a screenshot of the folder you have your games in just so I can verify that they are fine?
  3. Rebuilt X-Arcade Machine

    Yeah man, looks great. That control panel though. Really the only thing bad about that X-Arcade stuff.
  4. Taito Type X Issue With My Arcade Stick

    So I am not sure which games specifically you want to run on Taito Type X but most of the better games can be purchased through apps like steam or GOG. These are built to be used on PCs and I have never had an issue out of them. Some games, that are specific to the Type X/X2, will have to be run through this system (Tetris The Grand Master 3 and a few others) but for everyone that can be run off a windows executable, I recommend doing so. Solves all of your problems and often times adds quite a few features. And some of the games run through nessicaxlive, which in my experience is soooo much easier to set up.
  5. Atari ST

    Well cheers then mate. Glad I was of no help at all
  6. Atari ST

    This better work but at the same time, better not. Would be mad if that is the mistake I was making... I will look into the RL module for Steem and see what I can figure out on that image. Though I think you should be able to rename the image and put it where it goes. Here is to hoping.
  7. Atari ST

    I went the retroarch route with 0 success. Using the Hatari core, I got a game from a very common emulation distribution site. Burger Time to be exact. I extracted the game just in case. I then tried to launch the game through the normal retroarch process. Load core>load content>etc. As soon as I selected the game, whether zipped or not, the program would crash completely. No error, just dead. I got to looking and found that like you say, I would need a TOS img. For retroarch, using a sum check I figure out that it was specifically looking for TOS102us.img. I found that image, renamed it to TOS.img and placed it in the system folder of retroarch. Same thing, crash completely. I spent a good 4 hours last night trying different image files, different roms from different sites, watching youtube vidoes... and ultimately I figured that it must not work with retroarch because everyone says to just use the freestanding hatari emulator. My comment about being sorry I offered did not reflect on you not being around, I meant, it is too difficult for me to figure out, I spent way too much time looking into it and had nothing to show for it. I am sorry.
  8. Atari ST

    Well I am sorry I offered to help. This is crazy. I'd stick with hatari. To clarify I meant setting this up is crazy. Meaning this was a mistake trying to get this to work, though i understand the confusion below. Sorry about that.
  9. Atari ST

    Hey Hawkeye, I have some time tonight, I will see what I can do to help out. Can you send me a link to the image you are having issues with so I can work with exactly what you have?
  10. RetroArch

    I did but man, I really do not remember how to do it. It was something about saving the individual settings for each system. I made a youtbe video though. Let me link that for you. Hopefully it helps.
  11. Hyperspin set up.

    Well honestly, I just provided the links, Avar did the hard work. Thanks for taking the time to learn it yourself and if you have any technical questions I will help as much as I can.
  12. Hyperspin set up.

    To each their own I guess. Databases are used by Hyperspin to populate list of games. This is seen by the games that are found in the different wheels. Since the drive already has romsets, might as well keep the databases. The media has all of the pictures and movies to be used by hyperspin to make it look cool. Arcade seems to be where the games are located. Modules is for HyperLaunch but if you are using rocketlauncher then you will not need them. Profiles I have no idea about. You really should watch those Avar videos I linked.
  13. Hyperspin set up.

    Interesting. Can you file a complaint with Ebay? Or feedback? Anyway, ok I see how the drive is setup now. That is what I needed to know. D:/ is the drive letter and everything is installed directly to that directory. Very interesting. What I would do is create a directory in D:/ called HyperSpin and copy the setup that you did into that. Copy the databases, media and arcade folder into the newly created HyperSpin folder, then set it up yourself. Takes some time but at least you would know it works. And yeah I agree, not a complete loss as the time taken for the roms is crazy.
  14. Hyperspin set up.

    Interesting. Bold move. Buying drives is really frowned upon here BUT it is of little consequence to me. First of all, I would highly recommend you ignore Austin as his stuff is very dated. Instead I would tell you that you need to be watching Avar's videos found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoCK8xs1ao8&list=PLKkoYR3SrcmcOrfryNXamq2za8Q4S0Nii Secondly, with the drive. The reason it is frowned upon is that when you have problems, and you will have problems, you will have no idea how to fix it. I am glad that you have taken the time to learn to use the software correctly. What you are wanting to do is not really possible as overwriting the settings will cause more problems than it will solve. What you could do though is use the media and romsets on the drive in tandem with your newly setup HyperSpin. This could be a solution. This would allow you to setup your own HyperSpin and not have to track down all that other stuff. In essence the hardest things about HyperSpin are already there. Databases that match romsets and media (hopefully) is the biggest problem with HyperSpin; the software currently cannot figure out what should go with what. So if you configure HyperSpin on that 5tb drive that you have in a separate directory from that setup, you can just move the databases, media, and roms to that folder, point rocketlauncher to the correct rom folder and you should be good to go. That being said, I fix these internet drives for people all of the time (something to be said about someone that will take the time I guess). Based on what I know about the crap that they use, it looks like your directory is messed up. What is in your ARCADE folder?
  15. Encoder default keys and Windows Functions.

    Autohotkey code; ; Disable Alt+Tab !Tab::Return ; Disable Windows Key + Tab #Tab::Return ; Disable Left Windows Key LWin::Return ; Disable Right Windows Key RWin::Return Got my answer from reddit. Sorry to have bothered you guys.