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      HyperSpin 1.5.1 RELEASED!!   05/06/2018

      . . . DETAILS HERE --> http://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/35366-hyperspin-151-public-release/ If you are not already a Platinum supporting member please consider purchasing a lifetime subscription here --> http://hyperspin-fe.com/store/category/1-subscriptions/


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  1. HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Did this fix the HyperHQ crashing in Windows 10 by chance? And since you guy have the source code open and what not, think it would be possible to fix the joystick issue?
  2. What does the process look like, how often does it happen, who chooses what is added?
  3. How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    You are using Rockeltlauncher, you should not be touching HyperHQ.
  4. Sounds like he is talking about drives pre-loaded with HyperSpin to me. Otherwise this does not make sense...
  5. Choosing Favorites freezes Hyperspin

    I believe this is artwork related too. I would be willing to bet one of the games you have on your favorits list has corrupted artwork. In my experience it is the wheel artwork 9 out of 10 times.
  6. Wheel , emulator animations

    Modify the theme.
  7. camputers lynx emulator?

    Right, I was saying that it could be a neat project. I unfortunately know nothing about the system or the TOSEC files so he would be better suited than me.
  8. camputers lynx emulator?

    There is currently no one working on a database for the Camputers Lynx. If you have the time, it would be cool if you fixed the database and removed the stuff that does not belong.
  9. Wrapping my hands around MAME

  10. Wrapping my hands around MAME

    Man, MAME is literally the easiest system there is. You should not rename anything. I do not know where you got these roms but MAME roms are NEVER NAMED INCORRECTLY! Unless someone is dicking with you, there is no reasone to do anything with the rom set. What I would suggest is go to ******* and download the torrent for 189. Make sure it is split as merged, though smlaller, has too many issues when you started filtering xmls. So with your split set and mame 189, you should be golden when it comes to roms. Since there is no reason to rename mame roms your set is probably fine. Can you post a screenshot of the folder you have your games in just so I can verify that they are fine?
  11. Rebuilt X-Arcade Machine

    Yeah man, looks great. That control panel though. Really the only thing bad about that X-Arcade stuff.
  12. Taito Type X Issue With My Arcade Stick

    So I am not sure which games specifically you want to run on Taito Type X but most of the better games can be purchased through apps like steam or GOG. These are built to be used on PCs and I have never had an issue out of them. Some games, that are specific to the Type X/X2, will have to be run through this system (Tetris The Grand Master 3 and a few others) but for everyone that can be run off a windows executable, I recommend doing so. Solves all of your problems and often times adds quite a few features. And some of the games run through nessicaxlive, which in my experience is soooo much easier to set up.
  13. Atari ST

    Well cheers then mate. Glad I was of no help at all
  14. Atari ST

    This better work but at the same time, better not. Would be mad if that is the mistake I was making... I will look into the RL module for Steem and see what I can figure out on that image. Though I think you should be able to rename the image and put it where it goes. Here is to hoping.
  15. Atari ST

    I went the retroarch route with 0 success. Using the Hatari core, I got a game from a very common emulation distribution site. Burger Time to be exact. I extracted the game just in case. I then tried to launch the game through the normal retroarch process. Load core>load content>etc. As soon as I selected the game, whether zipped or not, the program would crash completely. No error, just dead. I got to looking and found that like you say, I would need a TOS img. For retroarch, using a sum check I figure out that it was specifically looking for TOS102us.img. I found that image, renamed it to TOS.img and placed it in the system folder of retroarch. Same thing, crash completely. I spent a good 4 hours last night trying different image files, different roms from different sites, watching youtube vidoes... and ultimately I figured that it must not work with retroarch because everyone says to just use the freestanding hatari emulator. My comment about being sorry I offered did not reflect on you not being around, I meant, it is too difficult for me to figure out, I spent way too much time looking into it and had nothing to show for it. I am sorry.