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  1. Wrapping my hands around MAME

    If you've downloaded a full rom set, chances are they are named correctly for Mame, they won't be the actual proper game names. I can't imagine someone uploading a full set of incorrectly named roms. That would require a lot of work for no real reason.

    Shot in the dark, have you got speakers plugged in? If not , that's probably your issue.
  3. Won't solve your issue, but there is a 2 player version of the rom. I believe it let's you choose the character you play.
  4. Hyperspin Video Problem

    Not in front of my pc but, go into hyperhq, open up wheel settings and try checking either reload themes, or themes wait for special. Cant remember which one.
  5. What he said, unless you dont have speakers plugged in.
  6. Hyperspin opening MAME by default

    Can you exit back to system wheel? Or do you only have a mame wheel?
  7. Hyperspin opening MAME by default

    Plug some speakers in. That'll fix your control issues from memory.
  8. Multi Wheel No Longer Working after moving to new PC

    Got speakers plugged in?
  9. Game returns to game preview

    Most of the time it means either the rom version doesn't match or you're missing a bios file. From memory chasehq doesn't require a bios, so it most likely an outdated rom file. Running the game directly from mame rather than HS should tell you what the problem is.
  10. 360 controllers and hyperspin

    The kill command for hyperlaunch/rocket launcher is q + s. Sounds like your p2 controls may use those keys. Not sure if 1.4 eliminates the need for the startup script. You can certainly use a joypad is the HS interface without using xpadder.
  11. Help - wheel returns me back to the wheel

    If you're not using 1.4 this can happen when no speakers are plugged in.
  12. Getting Zinc to work with hyperspin?

    Have a look for psxmame. Runs/sets up like mame, but with zinc's hardware acceleration.
  13. Zinc setup

    Depending on your system specs, some zinc games may not run too well in mame (Tekken tag tournament would be the one to to test). Maybe have a look at psxmame. Runs more games than zinc. Sets up just like mame but runs with zinc's hardware acceleration, so the games look and perform better than they do in mame.
  14. HyperSpin 1.4 and Rocketlauncher on XP

    lol, yes, that's correct, although, in my defense brolly, your post was added after the last time i visited that thread which was when i originally had the problem. At the time i was testing RL on an XP machine before installing on W7, so the lack of update feature didn't really bother me too much. Certainly no disrespect intended sir.