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  1. Can you help me with daphne? I am using your script and everything is working execpt road blaster & galaxyranger i downloaded everything with daphne so my framefiles are in my vldp folder with the mv2 videos it all looks right but when i load it in hyperspin it says can't find framefiles. The games work in daphne loader so it not them Can you help thanks

  2. In regards to FBA, i used to use it for the same reasons that you do, the image enhancements. They make a big difference if you're using an LCD screen. But now i dont have too! Go here:


    grab yourself a copy of mame plus XT, and enjoy mame with the same image enhancement filters that FBA has.

    Also, this version has the nag screens disabled, another bonus.

  3. Hey marcade, are you using the daphne module that i wrote for HS 2.0? If so let me know what issue you're having and i'll see if i can figure it out :)

  4. Hi, Im from gold coast. Can u please help me with daphne module.

  5. hello again, just wanted to let you know that the error seems to be caused by my running of a single vertical screen. If i move the dmd and overlay onto the apron, all is good. So probably nothing to worry about then :)

  6. g'day sir, just wanted to let you know, I was just setting up your star wars table ultra edition table for full screen (arcade render) use, and discovered that when in full screen the table throws up a pinball meditation error, played for a while in 4:3 orientation and had no problems, but as soon as i run arcade render mode, I get that error, the line at which the error occurs varies, but always seems to have something to do with the DMD (which isn't visible in arcade render mode). I couldn't get this error to occur with the empire edition. Another thing is, im not sure if im using the lastest version of the table (i have three different versions, 2 called star wars.fpt which have different file sizes, and one called star wars arcade.fpt. I bring this up because the first thing i did was tried to dl the latest version from FPF to make sure i was up to date, but the media fire link to 1.2 is broken. Cheers for all your hard work mate, now that i have a vertical monitor setup, i can appreciate your skills even more. Really looking forward to some of those mods ive been looking at on youtube (and of course, your marvel table!) Take it easy dude

  7. Hey man, just responded in the thread

  8. Hey man, could you please give us some of your wisdom here please?

    We are so stuck :(



  9. It is indeed an honor, to have contributed to the great SophT's Signature :)

  10. Hey there Koolbrez67, I thought you may be able to stop me from going nuts here, was just about to start setting up a dosbox wheel, remembered that i saw a great looking ms dos 'koolbreze67' style button. Have been through all my downloaded wheel art and cant find it anywhere. So question (1) was i imagining that ms dos button? Q(2) assuming that i didn't imagine it, where would i find it?? Cheers Mate. PS love the wheel art you've been doing, just a thought though, would it be possible to provide templates of the different style buttons? Just discovered there is no capcom wheel art for super sf2 turbo, and it would be much easier making additional buttons if i had access to some kind of template. Thanks alot :)

  11. ok, in addition to my earlier prob, was just lookin at user generated download lists, all are empty also

  12. Hey there Lashek, just having issues over at Hyperion, seems it adds 300+ games to my list, no errors, but the downloaded XML file is empty. I can even edit my mame list, bringing up each rom name on a different line, with all of them appearing, but as soon as i try and download the file, i get nothing. Just wondering if im doing something wrong. Cheers

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