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  1. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    @Abeywan The plans have changes a bit since I started my build. I'm quite certain that I only used one size of mdf. I would contact @emixama, the seller, for suggestions. @boomerps2 Not as far as I know.
  2. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    @Samorite Thanks for the tip! Today I made some progress. Back and front of the lower segment have been mounted. So many things have been finished and just needs to be assembled. Not in that big of a hurry though as it's way to cold to paint atm.
  3. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    @gigapig haha me too. Parents are loving it. My dad is helping out a lot with the build and my grandparents house is MASSIVE so they don't mind a bit. Perfect circumstances. I've also been following your latest build. Great job man!!
  4. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    Recieved and applied my artwork today. Marquee CP Artwork applied Not the best pictures, but Bradley did a great job on these. Texture of the CP Reverse printet Marquee Got some bubbles. Lesson learned for next time I guess. Credit goes to @SubZero for designing these. Had to redraw all of it because the original file got corrupted.
  5. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    @THK Ah yes. It looks great, but it wont have a bezel at all. In that regard I will be keeping it authentic. Although I do take a lot of liberties with the design.
  6. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    @THK All plexiglass on this build (Marquee and on CP) will have artwork behind it and I think clear will desplay it best. Would also work best with my colorscheme I think. Thanks for the input
  7. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    Update! How have I not finished yet? Simple. Other projects and life has simply gotten in the way. Everything has been primed and sanded as seen in the picture below. I'm actually a bit further with the build, but that will be in my next update. For now I've reuploaded all images and reorganized the worklog, next update should be a lot more exciting.
  8. comercial hyperspin?

    Hyperspin i rougle based on Ultracade - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UltraCade_Technologies Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks a lot like a Hyperspin build and defo not with a commercial license as I doubt anyone will attain that.
  9. Version 20130614


    Ultimate Tennis - ultennis (MAME) Vdeo Snap available at EmuMovies
  10. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    I have most likely already asked this question somewhere here, but would like some suggestions for speakers to use in this cab. I've been looking around and done some testing, but found nothing I like or there's an issue with the formfactor. Hoping to get some responds so I can finish this up.
  11. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    Never shared a picture of the controlpanel so here it is! @JaronSenna - I'm pretty sure the base and sites are stuck together. Which I kinda regret, but deamed necessary at the moment. Not sure what you mean in your second question.
  12. Alert - Possible Frontend Breach ;)

    From my understanding Arcades r Fun purchase a membership for every single cab that is sold. I'm also pretty sure this seller doesn't include emulators and roms which could put Hyperspin in a bad light. In that case Hyperspin isn't they main selling point, but rather an added bonus. Why other sellers don't use the same method and try to stay clean is totally oblivious to me.. I hate the fact that we should simply ignore and "accept" these sellers (although I realize it's the only rational thing to do). Never want it the get to the point where the majority of the community just thinks it's okay. I'm emotionally affected every time I see my friends or my own hard work being sold for profit. To give some perspective to how this affects the community. I have some brilliant artwork for a number of systems that can't be shared at this point, mainly because I've lost the trust that people won't exploit it. I'd much rather have a more open and community based "open source" deal where everybody have access to everything and are able to add content whenever. This is just one of the reasons we can't have nice things.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

    I'm great, just busy. Still sanding this beast. Can't be long until I'm ready to go to the painting phase.
  14. How to map Xbox 360 controller config for HS menus

    My xpadder starts when I turn on the cab, set to the profile I use in Hyperspin. For PC games for instance I set this system to use a blank profile, which makes it work as a regular controller would. It switches back to the Hyperspin profile when I exit the game again. Everything works without any hassle.
  15. How to map Xbox 360 controller config for HS menus

    What do you mean?