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  1. Ultimate SNES (2.0)

    Just going through fine tuning my genre stuff as one of the last things left to do and noticed the new version. Can't Upvote a second time, but thank you!
  2. I switched back from RA to Mame for OrionAngels bezels alone. How RA doesn't have functionality yet to auto load bezels per game without configuring each one specifically i'm not sure, but it's a bummer. @Jimmi1271 Check out the topic over at the RA forums where OrionAngel updates and uploads most frequently, I think I read that a user was looking into converting them for RA so maybe someone has already started this process.
  3. Multiplayer Game Lists

    There's a few threads like this that kind of fizzle out from a few years ago. While SupraKarma has made some excellent xmls for multiplayer and coop with his Ultimate Packs, I'm personally on the hunt for Master System and NES. If anyone knows where to find any or has any they use please let me know, I expect I'll be looking into creating my own otherwise at some point if I ever get time.
  4. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    Had some time this morning to test just a few, here's what I found. PopNmusic 20-fantasia = video issue - video displays 16:9 instead of 4:3 Bishi Bashi, The = video issue - video displays 16:9 instead of 4:3. Background appears cut off but could be design choice. 19xx the war against destiny - video issue - video displays 4:3, should be vertical (shmup) as in the image they provided. wacky races and tetris gm 3 - I couldn't discern an issue with these themes
  5. [WIP] Download Section Clean Up

    The Super Nintendo System main menu theme report was me requesting deletion of a duplicate thread that somehow created itself. I'll take a look at a couple others here as penance. edit - check your messages.
  6. How do you remove the joystick image???

    Great to hear! Good to know that works.
  7. How do you remove the joystick image???

    It's just a case of either deleting the special art from the below folders. \Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Images\Special \Hyperspin\Media\"system name"\Images\Special OR In HyperHQ under wheel settings, special art untick 'enable' I forget which A, B or C correspond to but it should be easy enough to work out.
  8. Show boxart above default themes in Hyperspin

    If you are asking if there is an easy way to make the box art appear over game specific themes people have made though, it's not as simple as checking a box in the settings i'm afraid Like in the case you have a bunch of game themes downloaded, it would require making sure those themes were edited individually to display the artwork folder on the correct layer, which in some cases may compromise elements of the theme itself if all the layers were already in use. It's unfortunate as it makes a pretty strong case against using these game specific themes if you want a uniform look and don't have game specific themes for the majority, to each their own though.
  9. I recommend trying to grab the current version of Mame core that matches what version you are updated to before a newer one is released for maximum compatibility. Just in case. Maybe there is a place to download older cores to match your version, but I couldn't find it. And yeh you are just getting started... haha. I'm just now trying to sort out my own bezel situation, and then I found the shaders... It seems to me that an advantage of going with Mame is that the bezel situation seems to be catered mostly towards Mame which uses a different type of config file than RA. (Please someone correct me if i'm wrong.) Check out the "Artwork and sounds > Announcements > Bezels" section in these forums for some awesome stuff.
  10. I think it comes down to what works best for you, I don't think there is a wrong answer. I haven't had any issues using Retroarch for Arcade games, that said - I ensured I got the right version of the core to match my setup and backed it up so It wouldn't be overwritten. I haven't extensively tested a ton of games though so who knows. I did find some genesis games running a bit laggy in RA though compared to Kega. That was a while ago so I might go back and check to see if there has been any fix on that. It's hard to go past some of the conveniences RA offers having everything running through one program - it's definitely less time consuming than installing a whole series of different programs and configuring them just so, especially in regards to controllers. I would suggest starting with RA and if you find your having issues, try using dedicated emulators. Even if you start with RA to get everything up and running and then configure and add dedicated emulators when you have time to tinker.
  11. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    This is so awesome. Love the simplicity of the design.
  12. Hey mate just wanted to say thanks for the amazing work. In particular for the various Multiplayer xmls you have put together, personally I think the value of these older games and systems are being able to share them reliving childhood memories with friends or with the younger generation experiencing it for the first time and those xmls really make that possible. 

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    2. Rowr14


      Ok, I came across this on the first one i looked up as a tester actually - I found a mix of box's with GA and KA (I'd guess GA is from the sega rating though I didn't look into it further as yet) . I'd intended to ask about that before I started proper. I've got a few other things I will run by you for your advice/opinion as well before I get going. I'm probably going to chip away at this here and there so it could take a month or two perhaps to get through - I guess i'll see how it goes.

      I'll message you later on or tomorrow and see if I can clarify a few other things :)



    3. SupraKarma


      I'm happy to receive any help with database work. :) Everyone's so eager about the artwork around here, and these databases are still trash.

      Take your time, absolutely.

      The main reason we use the HSRS for some games that are actually rated already is, Rocketlauncher has all of the artwork for most of the rating systems already - so if you use Rocketlauncher fade in screens, you can have it display the rating while your game is loading.

      But now that we're on the topic, it almost seems wrong to replace one rating system with another.

      Tell you what - for those 'Sega Rating System games,' name them like this:

      VRC - GA (General Audiences)

      VRC - MA-13 (Mature Audiences)

      VRC - MA-17 (Mature Audiences)

      VRC - NYR (Not Rated Yet)

      VRC stands for Videogame Rating Council. If I'm going to have you put in the time, I'd rather have you do it right.

      I've approached Brolly from the Rocketlauncher Dev. team in the past, and he implemented a new HSRS rating for me. I'm sure he'd be open to adding the artwork for the VRC ratings as well.

      And worse case scenario (he says no), we can just include the art ourselves with the download for the updated/improved database. :) 

    4. SupraKarma


      As for ESRB rated games, you will want to fill in the field for those with:

      ESRB - KA (Kids To Adults)
      ESRB - EC (Early Childhood)
      ESRB - E10+ (Everyone 10+)
      ESRB - E (Everyone)
      ESRB - T (Teen)
      ESRB - M (Mature)
      ESRB - AO (Adults Only)
      ESRB - RP (Rating Pending)

      Again, this is so that the artwork for the ratings will appear on your RocketLauncher fade in screens. :)