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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I'm REALLLY looking forward to it. My good, old Amiga 1000 was the greatest computer ever devised. I loved that thing. I still have it.
  2. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I think the lack of enthusiasm (it's not a lack of love) is due to sheer complexity of making games work with Amiga emulation. If someone manages a streamlined hyperspin setup that launches directly into games with the appropriate pre-settings, I think you'll see lots of us jump on it. I focused on CD32 initially with the idea I'd have an easier time accomplishing this. My frustration with Amiga is similar to my frustration with Hyperspin. Once setup, it's glorious but the environment and community forces everyone to reproduce the same steps over and over.
  3. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Everything ran about the same... 30-40fps. Emulation framerate is entirely bogged down by the CPU so increasing rendering resolution by 3x didn't hurt. However it did show a ghost/blur coordinate bug they'll want to fix, but it didn't hurt gameplay. NFL Blitz Football was playable but had a geometry bug causing corruption with player animations. God of War 2 Viewtiful Joe 2 ... I can't remember the others lol...
  4. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    The open source community found code snippets they believe originated form other projects (ppsspp, play!, pcsx2 --likely!) but it's clear a LOT of extra work went into this app. The open source community will scream and flail until they open their source code though. DamonPS2 is already showing very good compatibility and runs the PS2 games I tested on Shield TV at 30-40fps. Based on their 'todo' notes in their store listing, they still have a number of worthwhile optimizations left to pursue.
  5. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    In a perfect world, both will work someday (launch from WB or directly). For most retrogames, I want to check them out 'quickly' so I find the wheel interface and video previews satisfying. But I can definitely see how quality time with the workbench view would be fun too. I have lots of wheels waiting for improved emulation. Indeed a lot has improved the past year with Retroarch, 3DO, Jaguar... and have you played with DamonPS2? (it shows great promise).
  6. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Thanks for posting this. It cleared up a number of questions. I loved my Amiga sooooo much. This brings back a lot of memories.
  7. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    This looks great. I'm jealous, my setup doesn't work very well yet. Do all of these launch and play properly?
  8. We're still not communicating or on the same page. Perhaps my setup is messed up but I see no 'core options' for the cores you've mentioned. The only related issues I've ever seen mentioned is that retroarch limits bezels/overlays to a single core. Is this the issue? If not, please explain further.
  9. No offense taken. I wasn't aware of this core's limitation/requirement. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. I'm not following. If you have separate hyperspin wheels for a5200 and atari800 (how are you handling keyboard input?), I don't understand the issue since you'll have unique settings.ini files that define the cores, rom extension, etc.
  11. Nice, this looks more reliable than using MAME as well.
  12. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    I appreciate the effort of the Retrox developer. His goal of a simplified all-in-one is great, but it's soooo much work to get it right and keep up with changing emulators, OS's, etc. And that's assuming you are only focused on a single device like Shield. It's currently quite buggy. Arc Browser is a really nice, casual front-end. But I do love Hyperspin best.
  13. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Is there something fundamentally wrong or broken with libretro's puae core?