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  1. Ultimate Sega CD

    Its epic stuff ! A great work again, as done in your sega genesis ultimate collecion !
  2. Ultimate Sega Saturn

    hello people! What I have to do to download this great stuff ? It says "You are not allowed to download " : _ _ _ (
  3. Ultimate Sega Genesis

    The more completed Sega Genesis theme, midia collection I ve found ! Months of work ! Congratulations brother !
  4. moranetigger

  5. Hyperspin Main Menu Wheels (Consoles pics)

    Hello brother ! I will do upload it ! Thx for the tip !
  6. Hello Hyperspiners ! I bring to you a theme that I ve done for add New Retro Arcade to hyperpsin New Retro Arcade is a GREAT virtual room, so great and also, worked much well with riftcat (simulate a cellphone). The video and also the link in the description of the video for the Theme: Also, a demo of the New Retro Arcade (there is a download link for the progran there too...but, it was a beta, that works great well...) Hope u enjoy this. Also, there is a tutoria to launch it propelly in hs, u can find it at youtube. Hope u enjoy !
  7. Hello hyperspiners. First, thank u for all the great job there...epic stuff u ve done ! This is Main Menu Wheels - Consoles and Computers made by me (in my youtube channel I an Play it with venga !... lol ) This was done long time ago by me, but I wish to share with that great comunity ! Link to download the wheels : https://mega.nz/#F!i5klyB7J!lZdNJsfmHq-s3JVgSQJG-A Hope u enjoy !
  8. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Thx brother ! What a great job u ve done !
  9. Custom Sega CD and Mega CD 3D Cases

    Thx for this ! Mine was so bad done..that one is the real stuff bro !
  10. Ultimate Sega Genesis

    I ve tested...thx so much for that brother !
  11. Ultimate Sega Genesis

    Man ! I have to say that when the first lines of your passioned text was readed by me, I saw there every single feeling from my very same of yours, point of view ! This is history ! This is a playable museun of great times ! Its like a tesseract with all our timeline of gameplays, over and over again playable ! Thx for your great job !