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  1. Pyramid_Head

  2. Want to run Killer Instinct Win 10? Here you go!

    I didn't realize you had already created a launcher already. My bad lol. But here is mine anyway http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/15720-killer-instinct-windows-10-bat-to-exe-launcher/#entry215460
  3. Version


    This isn't anything special but I took the liberty of creating a bat file that will launch Killer Instinct and converted it to an exe which will work for the PC Launcher in RL. Or at least it should. I've tested the exe many times and it launches as expected. I REALLY hate metro/modern apps.
  4. Metalzoic's MAME .169 HLSL settings of DOOM!

    Tried your settings and everything worked out great except the audio is too fast.
  5. Try hitting the plus or minus key on the keyboard to turn up the in game volume. This always works for me. Same goes for the MK games.
  6. Taito Type X

    Thanks dude! Been waiting for this
  7. gigapig promoted to forum moderator

    Congrats giga!!
  8. Official Merry Christams/Happy Holidays thread

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. All-in-one pc?

    Hmm that's just a monitor dude lol.
  10. Promotion for baddeolv

    Congrats man! You totally deserve it
  11. What does your HyperSpin user name mean?

    I guess I sorta sparked something here with my other thread lol. Mine is a reference to the mini game in Resident Evil 2 The 4TH Survivor and the character Hunk.
  12. Hello from BadBoyBill

    Glad to see you back Bill!
  13. Sharp X1 complete setup - Sharp X1 - craiganderson(201401214)

    Very cool man thanks!
  14. Special Art with featured game info for hyperspin

    Very cool man! Ever since switching from GameEx to Hyperspin I always missed the game info.