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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. 276 downloads

    This isn't anything special but I took the liberty of creating a bat file that will launch Killer Instinct and converted it to an exe which will work for the PC Launcher in RL. Or at least it should. I've tested the exe many times and it launches as expected. I REALLY hate metro/modern apps.
  2. Hey, it's cool no worries :) I never was good at finding art for a video boarder. But I know a lot of high quality SH 2 art should exist. If you need help let me know.

  3. Hey there, I didn't forget about that SH2 theme again. I'm just having trouble finding good quality artwork and a better border. Thanks for the interest!

  4. Yeah man definitely one of the best looking apps I've seen too!!!
  5. I don't think this works with newer versions of Mame for some reason. I remember I was having a lot of issues a while back with this. Even tried getting in touch with the developer with no luck. I would love to see this resurrected though!!
  6. I gave up on this. The dev just disappeared
  7. I still have hope for this project. It's a shame Fyrecrypts isn't active anymore. I hope someone can at least attempt to revive this
  8. Hitotext keeps crashing on me was this ever fixed? I posted about it over at byoacs but didn't really get anywhere.
  9. Thanks for the add!

  10. thanks a lot man! Tried the links and now everything is working correctly
  11. I hate to bump this again but it's still crashing :/
  12. Hey! Thanks for replying. Hmm seems to work by itself in the commandline just by executing it.
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