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  1. gamesmame

  2. Sim Coupe Help

    How input this brother?? Thanks!!
  3. TurboGrafx 16 3D Boxes

    Please continue!! thanks man!
  4. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Its the way my friend fr0stbyt3, thanks for your work... I only asked why that happened, sorry... I'm not complaining no one has the right to complain, only caused confusion dont have an option like "Sync Only This System X" and was only reported errors or something... we await a review with improvements! And thanks for all envolved people in this project! Dont worry, take your time and Relax brô!!
  5. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    One idea! make one checkbox or a button with... "Sync only this system_XXXXXXXXXXX_". If possible, sure! Thanks anyway!
  6. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Man, i dont understand... Not have the option SYNC only one system (MAME) that option not exist!! Only button with exist itsSync All :-( And wtf is that!? Why happening this? Its a infinite loop.... Everytime i click in button Sync make's happen this!! I Using WIN7 64bit with all updates!
  7. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    I like to sync only game themes and game vídeos from MAME its possible? please take a shot from right configuration! Example... Where i make these configs??
  8. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    How? Where this option?
  9. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    How i Sinc only MAME???
  10. Version 20131019


    here is a main theme for sharp x68000
  11. camputers lynx emulator?

    You will make an update for module? for 1.08? if not, please send to me the emulator 1.07? thanks!!
  12. camputers lynx emulator?

    CONGRATULATIONS @jynx_emulator "Jonathan" and craig "@craiganderson". Craig have a new module from a new version released jynx? (Jynx 1.0.8) because this module not work properly in this new version, in this module opened the emulator in subscreen and the "fade" (LOADING) from HS/HL not disappear and the emulator runs in back from this screen, you understand me?
  13. HyperSpin 1.3 Update Release

    Hyperspin 1.4 Its official ver.?
  14. where i download this game? punball fx2 i am have win7, works??
  15. Controle Microsoft Xbox 360 no Hyperspin

    you saw it right? just kidding