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  1. Atari 2600 3D Box Pack

    Atari 2600 3D Box Pack - roadrunner



  2. Atari 2600 Boxes[HyperList 1.0] [COMPLETE & STANDARIZED]

    Now that was painful. :-D
    I´ve downloaded a total of four Atari Boxes pack, both 2D and 3D, from you guys but I´ve faced some problems with it so I decided to update it and make it OCD-ready. ;-)
    Here´s what I did:
    - A LOT of boxes had no images at all. Now each one of the 648 games at the HyperList 1.0 have an image, even if a "Homebrew" or "Prototype" mock-up
    - The resolutions were all over the place, from 200 px to 800 px wide. All lo-res pics were redownloaded. Now every image is exactly 600 px wide OR 850 px tall (wichever reached first);
    - A lot of games had low quality scans. Those were replaced;
    - A lot of late, poorly distributed Atari games were sold with NO boxes at all (E.G. Eli´s Ladder). For those i´ve used a manual scan instead.
    - A few games were packed-in with special controllers or acessories. For those I´ve added the entire pack box (E.G. Survival Run, Spitfire Attack)
    - Most of homebrews were released without boxes. For those, manual was used WHEN POSSIBLE. Some of them didn´t even had a manual available.
    - There were a lot of obscure European games with no boxes at all. For those I´ve made individual mock-ups using cart scans + other boxed as model (E.G. Topy). Ain´t great but it works.
    I´ve changed almost 400 of the 648 box scans. It seems pretty standarized right now. Bear in mind that there is A LOT of different box formats but hey! Not my fault! :-D



  3. Atari 2600 3D Box Art

    HyperBase - Added on 8/11/2016 - Circo
    Full set of 3D box art for Atari 2600. Most of these boxes were already made by rattlesnakeyes and 32assassin. I made custom boxes for many of the unlicensed games and prototypes in the current Atari 2600 database.



  4. Atari 2600 3D Boxes

    I uploaded this set a while ago but I have since updated some boxes, such as the Bit Corporation, Xonox, and Sancho games. Others too.



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