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Bartop 2 Player 8 Button Cab


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Ok i have almost completed my Bartop , i Bought the Cab Flat pack off ebay, i got the artwork printed loacally for a good price although not the highest quality it actually suites the style of graphics, which i just googled and sent the pics to be printed.



2 x Ultra 360's

Illuminated Buttons

IPac 2

21.5 inch 1080p Monitor

Gigabyte Micro ATX Motherboard (Not Mini ATX)

AMD FX 8320E 8 Core CPU

Radeon R9 270 Graphics Card

8 Gig DDR3 

Corsair Hydro 55 Liquid Cooler

1 x 250 Gig Boot Drive (I had it lying around)

1 x 3T HyperSpin Drive

XFX TS 750W Power Supply


To Do:-

Monitor Bezel

Fit Speakers/Amp ETC

Fit Button Harness's to Ultra 360's when the harness arrive.

Finish Setting Hyperspin up (That will never end :) )










Will add some more pics over the next day or 2

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The PC is just screwed to the bottom with... i dunno what they are called but they are L shaped plastic things which you can use for Hard Drives, Motherboards ETC.


Updated pic's now with U360's, Monitor,Speakers Fitted.... Unfortunately had to replace my Boot Drive today it died... :(



I may get one of these for my boot drive £45

Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300 Drive SATA 6Gb/s



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how does everyone get their artwork printed? is the backing adhesive? what material is it?

By Lucian, check this thread here. You can see my review, pics and video of mine on page 8.

Unreal print quality shows minute, tiny details. Super vivid color and pitch black blacks. He's got a vid or two in that thread showing how to apply it. Thickish, high quality feeling adhesive vinyl.

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don't see a link to a thread. i want to see!


nevermind did a search and found your page 8. That looks really good. I'm just going to need control panel and marquee artwork, but i'd still definitely go with that.

Would love the link here for the benefit of everyone ;)

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how does everyone get their artwork printed? is the backing adhesive? what material is it?

It's Vinyl with a sticky back and applies very easy, i have 2 applicators a felt one and a rigid plastic with felt covering they are only cheap, i got them when i wrapped my car. You just line it up and use your applicator like a squeegee, usually working from the center outwards, You can also relift it a few times if its not lined up correctly, Then i use a hair dryer to apply some heat this helps more if you go round edges or corners it slighlty shrinks it to the shape, Some people use credit card things like your points cards from shops etc, but i would suggest putting a bit of cloth round it as you may ruin your vinyl.


My full set was cheap £45 but if you wanted a high detail image printed then i would pay alot more, but for me as my graphics were old school i didn't really need high res graphics.

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What are those short white plastic rectangular thing called that's screwed to the sides of each connecting boards inside?  I needed those to backup the glue i'm using to hold my cabinet together.


They are called Fixing Blocks in the UK.

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