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The Hyperwee (bartop)


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I finished it already but wanted to show it here too. It's a Weecade cabinet with Hyperspin frontend and I call it the Hyperwee :P

It all started as an abandoned project. A guy I know who sell these as flat packs got one back from a customer who wanted a refund. The cabinet was already assembled, painted and had a monitor and speakers installed. It had minor scratch marks here and there but I got it for a very fair price.

This is how it looked like when I got it:


It came with a control panel plexiglass, the previous owner had cut himself, but NONE of the holes lined up?!? If you put in the buttons for player 1, nothing else fit. I decided to just add vinyl and call it a day. (lousy job...)


Ordered the parts I needed and installed them:


And this is how it looked before installing the PC:


Got my hands on a old used PC for free, but no harddrive. I had an old 2,5" hdd laying around from a dead laptop, all I needed was som molex to sata cables and the installation began. I had a tough time installing windows 7. My keyboard would register keypresses so I could go to the bios, but when I had to press a key to boot from DVD nothing happened. I tried putting the hdd in another computer and installing windows 7 on it but it turned out to be a mess. Tried to install from USB but that didn't work. Finally after 4 hours of messing around I found that I had to enable additional USB options in the bios :angry: Now it worked and I installed windows 7.... only to find that there were no damn drivers to find ANYWHERE for the audio. So I formatted the hdd and installed good old Windows XP. I already had a working Hyperspin setup already setup with the games that I wanted so that was the easy part.

I drew a marquee and a control panel strip that I got printed at a print shop. Real simple stuff inspired by the Taito Vewlix artwork. glued on the artwork onto the control panel and put the sticks and buttons back in:



Installed the pc into the cabinet with a hot glue gun. Very easy.



Setup the controls to work with the frontend and tested it out:


Installed the back panel and a small power button in the top center:


And here's the end result:



Also made a video to show it running (danish language, good luck understanding that :P )

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Look nice and has a good clean look to it, good fixing job you did :) .... now to spend the next 25 years or so adding games and videos and themes and reworking stuff then when you think it's done well be time to tinker ect ect lol. Great hobby tho hyperspin is keeps me busy and out of trouble ;)

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