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My First Cabinet Build-Complete

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I finished building this cab a few months ago. Just started messing with everything again because im wanting to add light gun games and sega model 3. 

If you have any question about how i did stuff please ask!. 

-Its built out of 3/4in MDF.

- black gel stain for the color

-plexi glass bezel. I spray painted around the screen.looks very slick.  Which is a 25?in 16:10 monitor i got off ebay for about $80.

-"smart" power strip so everything powers on when the pc does but off the rest of the time. 


Learning Hyperspin/rocket launche setting up all the emulators was a hugeeee pain. But thats mostly because the PC i used is very old and runs on 32bit XP.(not as much support for that OS) I got dreamcast working to play MVC2. It actually works very well with the old PC. -


Amd athalon 64 x2 3.0ghz

8gb ram.

idk the graphics card but it cost about $50. 

THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS GET AN SSD!!!!  All the artwork and animation worked SO much better after transferring by build onto one. 


I see some people who want to use the x-arcade tank stick as opposed to building their own CP. I seriously recommend making your own for two reasons. 1- its very satisfying 2 - you can make it yours! it will be customized to what you want(I wanted a 4way joystick for pacman so i got one) and will look sooo much better.





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Nice build. I agree about making you own CP.


You're computer might be old but it's plenty of power to play thousands of games. Personally, I'd rather have an old computer in a cabinet for HyperSpin vs. a new computer sitting on a desk.

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Sexy. Not all lit up with LED's too. I like that. The only light emanating from an arcade machine should be from the coin slots, marquee, and monitor. People should realize that; gives it that old seedy 80's bar room feel which we all hate to admit, that we love :)


You need a faux coin door to complete the look buddy.

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I like your build. Looks very clean and stream lined which I like! Can I ask aside from the display and controller board what does a build like this run in materials?  I want to start a build similar to yours.  Although I do already have the tankstick so I do plan to build that into it.  I know and fully understand the whole argument to build your own but I got the tanks stick from a friend for a good price and I like it so I'm just going with it to save on cost and time.  I really would love to start my build but I'm not quite sure where to start.

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Just for the actual building materials it is probably 200 max. Plexi glass isnt cheap and I used that for bezel and over my CP. 

Nothing is really too expensive it just all adds up. Plus any tools you may need. Router, slot cutter. 

Total I spent around $600. 

I would start by making a list of everything you need and pricing it all out.

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I dont know if you already have a monitor of not but i suggest scooping one of these up.


The 16:10 are hard to find at a decent price and give you little more vertical screen area then a 16:9

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I don't have a monitor yet to use in the cab.  I was planning to design it for a 27" lcd tv.  Figure you can pick one of them up for 150 or so.  But that will be a later on purchase.  Right now I need to be able to nail down a design that will work with my tankstick and look good.  Then I can get some partical board and get going on the actual wood working construction I figure. 

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