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Custom MK Hyperspin Cab Build


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I decided to start a new full-size cab since my last build. I went with a 6ft version of RidicRick's ArchAngel build. His build and MK9 coming out on PC are where the inspiration came from for this cab.

32" LED Insignia TV

xbox 360 MK9 control panel

i5, 4gb ram HP laptop

Special Thanks

RidickRick for his build plans

Jumpstile for helping out with MAME builds and random questions




Basic Tools



Printed $4 layout (FedEx printed this from a pdf)


Clamped Down & Screws added to keep it in place


First Cuts


Cut out the control panel base to a nice curve instead of that box


Sides are done!


Build - Had Home Depot do three 30 inch wide cuts in a sheet of MDF







So Close!!!


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I did, but none of the F's are the same and the fonts are a little different. I found Fight images for MK9, so I think I'm going to go with one of them. Picking up a Jtagged 360 this weekend so I can get MK9 back in here. Who knows if I can get it to launch through Hyperspin though... Seems like A LOT of work!

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Wanted to post a few updates. This was a learning experience for me. Eventually I'd like to rebuild to incorporate my learnings and use the same hardware.

Now includes a JTag 360. I have two 360 controllers and kinect in addition to the MK controls.

I have a rocksmith cable, thats why there is a pic of the bass :)

Aimtraks are next. When they come in, I will relocate the kinect and aimtrak sensor to be above the monitor, behind the glass.




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Very nice! Quite clean.

What do all the glowy buttons do?

Do they get annoying? (I'm a welder by trade so I naturally shy away from bright lights in my peripheral vision)

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Those are Hyperspin and MAME controls. Green is Start, Red is Exit, etc, I'd like to get labels on them. They're actually not as intense as they look in the pictures. I think if I had better lighting you could see there is much less glow.

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Since I've moved into my own place, I been adding on to my living room aka future man cave post marriage... Here are the latest additions.

New bass and albums hung.

Yes, that is kill em all from Megaforce passed down from a generous family member. Truth be told, it's only worth $45, but it's a piece of metal history too :D



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I just got an Apple TV with some credit card reward points and I'd like to integrate it into the cab. I need to change the TV input without the remote... Is this possible? Get creative! Lol

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assuming that your running HDMI, you could get a splitter box and just run the switch input button to an external button on the outside of your cab

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