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Fightstick plans for a custom joystick build


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Hi Guys,

Does anyone have plans for a street fighter iv joystick plans something similar to Madcatz tournament edition or similar. I'm planning to get one cut out and made on a CNC but needs some plans and dimensions. Has anyone got any plans they can share or something i can use as a base?

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Thanks for the reply, appreciate the suggestion.

Kray doesn't ship to Australia unfortunately. I'm trying to get some design plans as both myself and LeoLangone777 are trying to make 2 custom joysticks with a LS30 rotary joysticks for games like midnight resistance and heavy barrel etc to use in our cabs.

Ive also engaged Foehammer shop and NiteWalker on Shoryuken for a custom build quote and design but so far not much interest or quote...

The problem is that the joysticks are taller than standard so we need to get these made up ,we're not the best with fabrication, myself much worse than Leo, finishing pretty good :). So we're trying to get a mate to cut these out for us on his CNC, but we need some design plans / dimentions. Hoping someone has some here so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel. So if we can get hold of some plans we can modify these to suite the ls30, that's the idea anyways...

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