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Sorhp - Super Punch-Out!! Restore


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Hi Guys!

I Thought Id share this with you all, even though there are several Punch-Out!! Restores going on at the moment... mine's a little different

I Love the punch-out arcade, but I also have a need to have several games in one cabinet because of space in my house, I do have 1 room dedicated to Arcade games and video games, but until I am in the position to build an Arcade in my backyard I have to get creative...

So, I like most of you want the original pure gameplay of the monitor and pcb, and to keep the cabinet original as possible with out hacking the stuff to bits... but I, like some of you, have a desire to sample whatever is out there and use mame to accomplish this... anyway, don't hate me, but I combined the two for this project....

Big Thanks to Shatter1 at KLOV for selling me this project!

and also to Koolbrez for His Nintendo Arcade System Theme...

I restored the cabinet to the best of my ability to as original as possible, Im waiting for a few other projects to get out of the way before getting the "super" decals for the sides, hope you guys like what Ive done...



Its hard to tell, but I had to rebuild the bottom, and the top corner, and I failed to get upclose pictures of the rebuild in progress...






I used the original Monitors, harness, power, sound ... de-conversion back to the original pcb is just physically switching the harness and swapping the video cables on the monitors back to non-inverted, 1 Minute max, and 5 minutes to remove the frankenstein vga to rgb convertors and PC...



Ill add more pictures of the inside and a few of the hidden buttons, and a video of it in action soon...

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@gigapig, I have a mamed slither machine converted to starwars custom, I have incredible hulk pinball, I have my hyperspin / xbox360 FIGHT Machine, my SHMUPS machine with hyperspin / xbox 360, centipede hyperspinned with the original board also, and now super punchout, and in the rest of the house I have a qix cocktail with arcadeSD, my custom Nintendo VS machine, and a dedicated DK Jr. I really need to build an arcade building in my back yard, my wife will go ballistic when I bring my SF2CE machine from the office home :)

Thanks guys!!!

So It turns out that the lag in the mame super punchout and punchout is terrible, which make the experience bad, but, I have the original super punchout board, it needs to be repaired a little more, so If anyone here knows how to get lagless super punchout and punchout emulated, please let me know!!! , damn I would hate to think this was a waste of time :( and money

It took 4 days to build the interface for the controls, video and audio, the pinouts on mikes arcade have the video syncs backwards, so , yeah, took a while to figure out that one :)...





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Hehe, I'm sure she likes it fine, she hasn't played a video game since 6 years... She's getting annoyed with the space the machines are taking up ;)... She still doesn't know about rev x, robotron, sinistar, or space invaders :):)

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Thanks gigapig!

Yes my wheel jumps in some if my setups, it's kind of annoying, is there a quick fix?

I think that it's usually down to having spinner or trackball selected in Hyper HQ.

Having joystick checked would send the wheel a bit mad, so it's probably not that.

Let me know.

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