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And so it Begins again....New Build


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Well, having been back and forth on selling the empty build I started 2 years ago, I've decided to carry on.

I think my half baked paint job cries out for only one solution.....A Steampunk Build......

Here's what I'm starting with...


I'm still in the planning stages, but I can show you a teaser that I pulled off my cnc yesterday....


Which became this today....


One thing I do know...the siderails, lockdown bar and legs are coming off and will be replaced with some custom machined wooden replacements, I'll keep the metal bits for a rebuild I'll do on a Stellar Wars I have...one day...:)

I'm sure this will be a marathon build.....











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This looks sweet!

I noticed a contactor in on of those photos. If your going the forcefeedback route: There's a guy in Canada near you that sells some sweet electronic feedback kits.

That is of course assuming you won't be running this on steam :)

Good luck with the build!

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Thanks Neo...I thought about going with that guy's stuff but I hear he's an ass. At those prices he'll probably go broke before long anyway.....:)

Thanks Agrajag...there's still a lot more for me to learn about cnc'ing than the little that I know at this point. Not a steep learning curve, just an expensive one...:) I'll be doing 3d relief on the siderails and lockbar but they'll be getting a brass/copper treatment I'm sure.

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