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Cabinet Parts Guide


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Hi all,

I've added another Guide to my project site. When I first started out there's was a load of head scratching on deciding on what exactly you need for the build. For the complete noob interested and looking to build a cab this guide shows (with most photos) the parts you will need to build a cab of similar dimentions as I am.


(I realise there are others posts on this so I'm not trying to tread on anyone, just tyring to complete the resource I'm trying to create.)

Cheers guys. Any feedback or advice on improving these is much appreciated.


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I updated the guide slightly for better layout and some simple descriptions of what the parts are for. *Note it's specifically for a cabinet of my size but can still be a good introduction to the more recent 3 screen setups.

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I was recently made aware of this forum and the projects here. I have a bunch of spare parts I've been selling off *below* my cost. I'm sure they would be valuable for your virtual pinball projects!

Such as... legs, side rails, feet, (real) flipper buttons, shooter/plunger, coin door, lock down bars, molding.

Please note that I built my first pinball with a microswitch flipper button - that's a mistake a real flipper button (with leaf switch) feels totally different!

Hope I can help out.




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I have just invested in a couple of items for my visual pinball project.

1. Solinoids - these will provide tactical feedback

2. Relay board so when I press my flipper button it can run both the solinoids and the keyboard input

3. Nanotec nudge + ball plunger board.

I have read about shakers but this is not used for all tables and I am really limited on space on my coctail table sized version - so not really an option.

On my real table I can feel vibrations as the ball moves about - is there any such simulation devices that do this.

I am really interested in what other "tactical" feed back devices have people added to their machines.

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