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Problems with T-molding bough on the website http://www.pinball.center/


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Hi everybody,


Just a quick message to warn you about the quality of the T-molding available on the website pinball.center.


I was looking for a 19mm chrome T-molding for my new arcade cabinet and when i received it i found scratch and bubbles all along the t-molding which makes it totally unusable. see the picture included.




I tried to send them e-mail but they are not responding.....


Do you know a good supplier for a 19mm chrome t-molding?


Best regards



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I'm not an expert but if the t-molding is just plastic with chrome paint sprayed on it, u may end up with the same results from different manufacturers. Because the t-molding is plastic and flexible the paint will always have a chance of cracking and bubbling up. I don't know if a good primer before the paint would help, but the paint will never be as flexible as the t-molding itself and the results might end up being the same if u buy another roll

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I think they are german not dutch.


I allready ordered some part in arcadeworld-uk they are great but they don't have 19mm t-molding (wich seem to be pretty rare in chrome color).


May be i will go with 18mm t-molding... i hope i would not be to visible.

They are in Luxembourg and they don't stock 19mm only 18 so you should be good with what you have ordered.

They may have marked it up wrong actually. I looked into this a few days ago as I was considering using T molding.

The mdf I bought is 18mm but most t molding is 0.75" 19mm. Most places I checked said it should fit ok.

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